Lava lamp bong and other funky idea's

Discussion in 'General' started by ultrahaze, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. iv been thinking about making a lava lamp bong for quite a while now but have no idea on where to start, anyone have any idea's how to go about it? or any other cool objects that could be tunred into a smoking impliment?
  2. Best thing imo, would be to start with a normal bong, then encase it in lava lamp shit. So you have two layers of glass... Doesn't sound too feasible to me without being a glassmaker
  3. i think he ment make a bong out of a lava lamp not a bong/lavalamp ??????
  4. yea but a bong dat had dat lava shit on it would be crazy. u'd be hittin it and dat shit would be all flowin around it'd look cool as hell
  5. shit fuck ass cock

    if someone was to patent a bong, with 2 layers of glass (one with lavalamp stuff in it) you'd get so fucking rich i would die
  6. Diamond drill bit will yield this. Unfortunately, no lava going on inside. IMG_4713.jpg
  7. a lawn flamingo makes a really good bong, i've always wanted to try one with a magnetic stirrer or some other swirling device to make a cyclone-bong
  8. How about a guitar?
    [ame=""]YouTube - The Bong Guitar - Mike Edison's ChroniCaster[/ame]
  9. I have been wanting to make a bong out of the base of a lava lamp that got burned out haha It is a clown and I have no i dea where to start on it. Any ideas? [​IMG]
  10. there is a cool hookah at the local headshop that looks almost exactly like this.
    start there.
  11. that clown would make a fucking gnarly piece:hello:
  12. i really want to make a glass table with bongs for the legs
    but it's very improbable
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    i made a chair bong with my friends...but it was hollow plastic. a lava lamp should work though. basically you need two to suck, and one to pack. i put my bowl in it, but you could use foil, or a piece from a bong.
    i am also in the process of making a bong out of a long metal pipe. it worked but leaked, yet my friends and i got amazing hits. we have to seal it better though. i believe you can make a bong out of anything:D

  14. ive made one out of a piggy bank its ealy tight and it has a hose
  15. .... :smoking:
  16. That guitar was amazing... You know how many times i had the urge to play music out of a peice?

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