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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Erakmeshak, May 9, 2011.

  1. Yo
    I just got the launch box, and I'm hitting it how they recommend (slowly) and it keeps burning little pieces. It's only little pieces so it doesn't ruin the bowl but ruins the taste. Is mine running hot? Or do you need to just take short quick hits, shaking it a lot.
  2. How finely ground is your herb? The more the better, if only a little surface area is touching the trench then smaller pieces are gonna get hotter quicker. Also how much you put in changes it as well, the less in the hotter it gets.
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  3. Nice, good to know. I wonder why... More herb = less airflow?
    I chop it up real fine between my fingers with scissors

  4. The basic idea is the more herb, the more surface area in contact with the heat. This means that instead of a little herb taking all the heat, its spread out throughout the herb.
  5. I also noticed that when I breathe in harder it cools the herb a little more and it doesn't burn.
  6. You want it just north of being powder. Also, make sure you shake that box between EVERY hit.
  7. I've done all of the above and it works amazing now. Thank you!
    This thing rocks! I also have a silver surfer at home. With this It's so nice to vape anywhere, I couldn't be happier
  8. Shaking is key to get new particles touching the screen each time. I get cha
  9. there better be particulates
  10. Yeah it's best when it's really finely ground.

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