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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by pilka214, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Hi, so i just purchased a new Magic flight launch box and so far it's been perfect.

    I bought a energizer charger and rechargeable batteries to supplement the ones i received with the LB, however after stripping the energizer batteries they still did not fit in the LB. so i was wondering if anyone out there has any recommendations on which kind of brand of battery would be the best to use in my new.

    Thanks vape
  2. somebody find out! i just ordered mine, but i hear the batteries dont last long, so i was wondering the same thing
  3. I'm going completely from memory here but I'm pretty sure you can just pick up a 15 minute charger and batteries over 2500 NiMH
  4. All nimh batteries should fit in the MF. Are you sure you just aren't pushing the battery in hard enough?
  5. I don't think regular batteries work in it
  6. just picked up my launch box yesterday too, I've found that durracell AA batteries do NOT work, it seems like only the rechargeable ones I got with it work properly. Durracell's seem to fit, but do not give the box enough power.
  7. so does the flight box only work with the batteries it comes with?
  8. The MFLB will only work properly with NiMH types.
    The ones supplied with the box are Eneloops. They are NiMH batteries rated at 2000mAh.
    Currently those are the best batteries you can get to use for the box.

  9. Boom. Question answered
  10. Can you get them in any stores or do you have to buy them online?
  11. I can vouch for the Duracell hybrid NIMH 2000 mAh cells that walmart carries. 16 bucks gets you 4 cells and a 4 cell charger. Cheaper then eneloop and the same hybrid technology.

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