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Laughing toooo Hard

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by brentmoses1992, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Have any of you ever started laughing so hard when high you can't breathe and you just can't stop laughing. Me and a friend started laughing and were laughing so hard we both fell down on the kitchen floor and after each like 30 second laughing interval we would both make a sound like ahhhh and every time we heard each other do it we started laughing harder. this went on for 10 minutes untill I just had to leave the room because I couldnt breathe I was laughing so hard. Anyway has anyone else gotten high and couldnt stop laughing to save your life.:D
  2. yes,and i LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT!:D:laughing::yay::love:
  3. That perfectly describes something that would happen to me and my buds while baked.:D
  4. I've done it...and sometimes it can get fucked to the point you feel like you're semi-asphyxiating and light headed/faint. Been there. Managed to stop it, but yeah I've been on the verge of f'n blacking out on occasion...then you get the laugh where you start coughing too, that can be pretty bad.
  5. Me and three of my mates were toking really hard for an entire day, then one of my mates starts laughing, at first he was just laughing normally. Then he got out of the couch started clapping his knees while repeating "No, I'm dying..." over and over again while seriously laughing his lungs out. He went on like that for like 20 minutes. Then he went to the kitchen to cure his munchies.

    The day after we started blazing again, the exact same thing happened again (and then again the day after that).

    On the fourth day he called me and went "When are we going to smoke again?".

    Great weekend.
  6. I have a laughin personality but bud only enhances it. Laughing is a great thing enjoy it. :D

  7. Haha, yeah, but sometimes you just get carried away :D
    Even the most retarded thing can seem like the funniest thing in the entire world.
  8. One time when I was about 9-10 years old, myself and a friend were hanging out...we were throwing clumps of dried mud at people and cars (parked), the type that kind of disintegrate on contact? We called them dirt-balls.
    Anyway, we unintentionally hit the same target as eachother, it was a guy, maybe 60? Like not OLD old, but old-ish...just on his back and the back of one of his legs, with some of these "dirt balls" that were maybe the size of a large marble each.
    He stumbled a bit, went over the sidewalk and was actually hit by an oncoming vehicle.
    No, that's not what happened...paying attention? Good.
    He turned around, didn't even see us but yelled "ya fuckin' cunts are dead!" looking around. We were behind a fence, we could see him but not, he's there on the other side looking around, talking shit about "finding them all", shit like that.
    So we're being pretty quiet, and one of us holds back a laugh, you know "tffffff!" kinda thing...and you know this just leads to it being even harder to keep quiet, became this loop of us making it worse for eachother.
    Now THEN it got faint...not letting a laugh out, continuously, that hurts and headspins you.
    Anyways, he walked on still cursing...we were left behind the fence not believing how worked up this guy got.
    Anyways, and I kid you not here...we'd both shit out pants in the process.
    Nobody was at his place, so we went back, had showers, changed into some of his spare clothes, and buried our underwear.

    This is, my tale.
  9. ^thay deserves a cool story bro. Unrelated.

    Yea peipgras, sometimes I laugh at stupid shit but usually I can control myself even with my laughage personality. :D

  10. Cool story, bro.
  11. lol me and my friend blazed up and snuck into our friends house at 1AM and he was playing games and looks at us all pissed and for some reason it was the funniest thing, i fell to the floor and laughed nonestop for 15 mins, then i got up and played some games with him
  12. another thing that happened with this same friend was we were laughing and then I would hit my knee really hard to try and stop laughing and that would make him laugh harder making me laugh harder and making me hit my knee harder still. this went on untill i just couldnt take it and slammed myself in the nuts making him lose it even more but I stoped laughing and went to the other room from the pain.
  13. I have never laughed in my entire life.
  14. I like to call those times "giggle loops"

  15. [​IMG]

  16. Wow that actually worked. Thanks buddy.

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