laughing so hard, i peed my pants

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by himself, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. this is what happened. I had 5o bucks but 'my guy' was out of town. so i went in search of a new guy. i came acrossed an asian named cha. He got me a bag and i decided i was going to smoke with this fine fellow. so we went behind the local arcade and we began to smoke out of my lil pipe, tiny tim. we got through two bowls and suddenly it hit me... like a bus. I began to laugh so hard my fuckin abs were about as clenched as my dogs teeth when im trying to get the remote control out of her mouth. So me and cha are hanging out, hes having a cig and we're just laughing away. Suddenly he turns around like he's looking for somethin' and when he turns back around he has this face where his eyebrows are fully arced, his lips are curled over each other and hes asian, so his eyes are funny already. And he just stares at me like that and continues to smoke his cigarette. Well, I hate to admit it, But i laughed so hard I pissed my pants. I love you. Amen.
  2. Damn, that musta been good weed. I've never had weed that makes me laugh un-controllably. What did Cha say when you pissed your pants?
  3. That must have been some serious bud to make you piss yourself! Man I wish I still got all giggly when I smoke.
  4. cha thought that was some funny ass shit. he said later he was laughing so hard at me he almost peed his pants. As for it being some bomb ass bud, it was. Ive been crankin' doob for 4 years now and ive never geeked out so hard in my life.
  5. wussup...u bet that was sum bomb ass buds..cuz dis be cha typin sum stuff in here was crazy shitz...
  6. Haha the same thing happened to my friend once. We smoked a bunch in my basement. When we were walking out I hit my head on a pipe, and my friend laughed so hard he pissed in his pants.
  7. good
  8. now that is funny shitz too...but the whole thing about what happened to us, we only smoked 1 tiny bowl...and dam it tastes mighty dam dank........hahahahahaha
  9. haha, i peed my pants one time...i think, i remember i was laughing so hard at nothing me and my friend were just laughing and i was like HOLy SHIT I JUST PEED and i kept laughing, i felt my pants but i couldnt feel anything, but i swear to god i peed, so when i got home like an hour later i looked and my pants were fine, i didnt smell them or anything though, but yeah i wil never relaly know if i peed or not, i just htink i did lol that was a funny time
  10. i can do you one better

    i got a friend who got so drunk/stoned that he went to go take a shit

    bad news.

    bad smell.

    ugh. that was bad..nasty lol
  11. HAHA...that is pretty funny...but he was drunk but it's all kool...we all have our "GOOD TYMES"...always and forever...peace out and keep smokin'
  12. I got pissed on by a really drunk girl at a party one time. I was trying to take care of her and get her in the shower to sobber her up a little and she looked me right in the eyes and peed on me.
  13. i think bonggg's story tops us all!
  14. that's pretty messed up that u got pissed on by a chick...but shyt happens, rite??? i guess u were the lucky one to get pissed on...nice...i hope u had fun that nite b4 u got pissed life to the fullest....
  15. hahahahaha....that's pretty gross but tight...there must have been something involved with doin that...gettin high or drunk or just being plain stupid at times to do stupid things....ya know....great shyt....
  16. lol sounds like you had a good time

    I was at this one kegger down by the river damn stoned and fairly drunk, and it was pretty dark out and I had to take a shit, so I stumbled into these bushes within 10 feet of everyone else and began to lay one out, when I realised that it was already light enough out for everyone to easily see me, and that the bushes i was in was just a little patch of em.... I was like "DAMN IT!", and people are walking by me as I'm tryin to wipe and they're just lookin at me like WTF??
    And another time I was out camping with some friends and I was again, stoned and drunk, and I stumbled and fell, had to piss, and I just unzipped my pants, whipped it out while I layed on my side and rolled into the woods at what seemed like it was 30mph, pissing everywhere in the process... and I stopped rolling when I came to a little hill, and was pissing up it, and of course, it began running back down in my direction, soaking my side thoroughly.... I was certainly dissapointed with myself the next day, everyone else just laughed
  17. Dont you hate it when you wake up the next morning all fuzzy headed and find evidence that you were a Total ass last night.
    Those were some funny stories man!
  18. HAHA thats great. I love laughing so hard that ur cheeks start to hurt and ur abs are all tight. Im not to fond of the pissing ur pants though.
  19. lmfao man one time it was me and my homie zeth and we were sittin in my room blazed as fuckkkk. and all of a sudden he goes "OH SHIT!" and reaches into his back pocket, and pulls out a business card from his wallet... it wasnt even important at all it was the most random shit but we laughed at it for like hours. haha still to this day we talk about the wallet story loll. that was great bud.

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