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  1. So I was at my buddies apartment, and after many bong rips, he pulls out an odd contraption, that looks similar to a coffee maker almost, but more sleek. And I ask, "whats that man?" and he tells me about how he does whippets of nitrous oxide out of it. It is for whipping cream, but the device he had is obviously made for human use, it had a mouth peice and everything.

    So he pulls out a box of little canisters, the whippets and loads it in, compressing the gas into the inhaling device. He then presses a button and inhales a lungful of gas. He exhales, falls back, and is supremely gone with a good smile on his face. So naturally i want to try some. He loads me one, and i inhale quickly, the whole thing to a rush of extreme giddyness. As i exhale, i fall back and drift into a world of pleasure and insanity. I felt as though i was flying and the world just felt right for the moment. A minute later Im jonsin for another one. I did a few more, but knowing i was already addicted i stopped myself after that.

    Overall it was quite insane and i would recommend it once or twice, but be careful to breath some good oxygen and know when to quit, as my friend got sick after doing like 20 canisters. Just wanted to share with the city!
  2. yeah, nitrous is fucking pissa.
  3. And how does one obtain this contraption and the laughing gas?
  4. 1. Start a revolution and overtake the government.
    2. Establish a totalitarian government.
    3. Demand all the medical-grade nitrous to be sent to you
    4. :hippie:
  5. Actually the steps are:
    1. Be 18 and go to a headshop.
    2. Ask for something to make whipped cream, ie. the contraption
    3. Ask for cartriges to make said " whipped cream"
    4. Buy both.
    5. Hit that shit and feel real good
  6. laughing gas can be supe intense. especially when you have just railed up a few lines of Calvin Klein (coke and ket). Ive seen all sorts of wierd shit on that stuff. Be carefull tho you can spend alot of money when your buyin it at a rave or whatnot. Great stuff though.
  7. Go to a head shop or a sex shop and ask for whippets and a cracker.

    If they have em, they'll probably give you a bunch of a mini tube shaped canisters of nitrous and a plastic cracker.

    Just be careful around that shit though. Frost burn.

    Laughing gas is the shit. It's easy to build a habit for though. Anyone seen that one Steve-O video where they are filming his crib? There's like hundreds of canisters all over his floor. I'm sure that shit can't be safe after a while.
  8. Hell yeah that steve-o sshit was intense. Can you roll up and ask for whippits or is it like bongs do you call em whip cream canisters so they don't get into trouble?
  9. Nitrous has been my go to party favor the past few weeks. I think Sur le Table is starting to catch on to whats going on.
  10. The water pipe versus calling it a bong rule didn't apply when I went.

    They should be cooler about you asking for it directly since they don't have a million people coming in asking for it.

    As compared to smoke shops who have a bunch of idiot teenagers or College aged douchebags asking how much they charge for bongs everyday.
  11. It's fun, but I wouldn't take it without having a licensed anesthesiologist administer it to me. It's way too easy to fuck it up and end up brain dead in the hospital. But yeah, whenever I go to the dentist to get a fill-in I ask for the laughing gas.

    And it's great b/c the dentists think you're too out of it to understand them so they talk about their personal life and sex life in great detail haha.
  12. Yea it's real intense and to the person who said they need a doctors dose, I understand but they give you Hellas huge doses for a long time as well so it can't be much better than just hitting a whippet... as long as you remember to breathe ahah.
  13. What the hell are you on about...
  14. hippy crack yo, hippy crack.
  15. Idk now... that whipped cream is sounding pretty good!

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