laughable facebook statuses

Discussion in 'General' started by Exodus2011, Nov 30, 2011.

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  1. c'mon we have all seen them. how stupidly generic and try hard they are. it's quite pathetic haha.

    the worst part is they are serious :eek:.

    post the stupid, generic, try hard, and just fake statuses. here's one of this try hard i know

    "i jst miss da friday nghts wen we wuz n skool...n sum of da late nghts n mii yard at da g spot dats bout it u cn keep da otha shxt wats guud wit cha"

    how the fuck is one supposed to understand that? haha
  2. There was just one on my facebook from one wench to another:

    "your an apsolute idiot for posting that comment"
  3. i got this 1 dude who thinks hes so swagged out. He posts Lil wayne and Drake quotes about 2-3 times a day
  4. [ame=]i will luv u FIVE-ever - YouTube[/ame]

  5. talk about awkward lol
  6. I hate the one's that say
    If you believe in god post this to your wall remember he is watching

  7. yea i kno lol
  8. ;; Omqqq Aree Yhuu Seriouzzz? Dhatts nohtt cooll tehxtt mehh
  9. I know this white kid that use to post drake and lil wayne quotes all day, wore a stupid flat bill. I would post those but I deleted my facebook :D

  10. fuckkk i hate when they spell like that lol
  11. bahaha i woulda liked that n been like "helll yeuh patna blow dat indo with tha lights dim my ***** fade seepin out tha window"

    but i know exactly what youre talking about its fucking annoying
  12. I don't go on Facebook anymore but I remember ghost stupid status' that talk about fake people and being real and crap like that
  13. yea. facebook statuses are basically divided into: relationship statuses, complaining about fake people statuses, complaining about life statuses, and bragging on oneselfs' statuses.
  14. Hella board

    LMS for a rate :)

    LMS for a goodnight :)
  15. lmfao win for daniel
  16. Pretty much sums it up but those people seem really boring that's why I stopped going on it and also I see girls posting a lot of drama filled stuff calling other girls sluts and other bullshit.
  17. I know this kid that posted a pic of his bank account which was a little over 2grand. and hes all like "We'z gunna party tonight kegger and bud".... mind you this kid is under age and also a former anorexic and a lil wayne wannabe and has all these tats that only black people should have....

    Its like, bitch. that aint shit... get real.
  18. omg i luv hm *___* x) !! :****
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