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Latest TN pickup: Granddady Purp

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by king_43, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Guy sold this as granddaddy purp.. He knows shit but no purp in it.. def some fire tho :)
    paid 100 for the qtr

    that bud is 3.8 grams btw

  2. Nice bud man.

    I used to live in the Brentwood / Franklin area. You around there?
  3. Doesn't look ANYTHING like the 4 plants of GP I'm fixing to harvest. But my kolas are so much bigger :smoke:
  4. Dunno where guy picked it up from, but im about an 1.5hour away
  5. and i know there is know way to tell but whats some characteristics of the smell of granddaddy? and does that look like it by chance?

    also got some white widow and i'll put a smoke report after I smoke em.. kinda xanaxed out right now.. when that happens i dont get hihg hahah
  6. Doesnt look like any GDP ive ever seen. But def some dank bud you got there. Good pick up! :smoking:
  7. Thank you all!!
  8. hmm i got this last night but my bud was all purple
  9. Dosent look like purp but it DEF is some fire ass shit. Nice pickup
  10. Ya, who knows the strain.. To my memory granddaddy purp is highly indica right? If thats the case then this is obviouslly not gdp. Its way more sativa than anything.
  11. There was some GDP floating around Nashville few months ago that looked totally different.
    Still, doesn't look like you are suffering in your part of the state. Nice score!

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