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latest pickup in central california

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by soundboy, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]
    xxx og

    strawberry kush

    og kush

    lemon diesel

    trainwreck / snowcap / og kush j's

    water hash / white widow kief

    EDIT: sorry my camera sucks.
  2. I'd like to try strawberry cough because I've heard/read its bred specifically for anxiety.
  3. always wanted to try strawberry cough looks really good
  4. sbc is amazing. and damn dude you got some dank buds. did the trainwreck, snowcap, and og kush joints come pre rolled? thats pretty badass
  5. badass man! very rare to see a legitimate O.G. kush (even tho alot of dealers SEEM to have them it in my area) enjoy those buds! straw berry cough.. always wanted to try that

    stay high :smoke:
  6. omg how much did you pay for those j's???
  7. yeah, they came pre-rolled.

    the trainwreck were $50 for 12 at the first co-op and the snocap/og were $8o for 20. they're all pretty bad ass weighting in at .5g each. obviously, i don't have 32 j's left. :smoke:
  8. ah. i see. i need to live in cali.:eek:
  9. where do you live man? nice ass budss
  10. SBC that good? I have mild panic attacks, think SBC is a good strain for that? I read somewhere it is a sativa dominate strain, and I thought it might mess with my melon too much and induce anxiety/panic which some weed does.
  11. nice pickup, how much was it altogether?
  12. this is only partial since the pickup was a bit ago, but the total dropped for everything, including the unseen, was probably around 700.
  13. When you buy from dispensaries is it cheaper or cost more per gram than you would buy from a dealer?
  14. not gonna lie, its usually more. some paces can be less or have a few strains that can reach 35 an 1/8th. But no matter how cheep or pricey cub weed may be, its most always better than whats floating around on the street.

    and to everyone asking about strawberry cough and anxiety, my girlfriend suffers from anxiety, the reason she has her doctors mmj recommendation, and she says this strain always puts her in a happier place than most.
  15. As you get older you will gladly pay more to stay out of jail, trust me. :)

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