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Latest pickup, 3 cuts of beasters.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Doomsayer1355, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. 30$ a cut. Lots of nice nuggets, smells fantastic.
    picture isn't the greatest, but it'll work.

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  2. I'm close w/ my dealer, i usually get it for 20 a cut but he's tryin to pay for college so like...i helped him out a bit. And the pic isn't really supposed to show quality, but quantity. Lol. Yeah...
  3. SORRY BUT "cut"?
  4. what do you mean? cut?

    guess its smokable

  5. cut=1/8th of an Ounce of the Psycho-active dried plant more commonly known to the peasants as "Marihuana"
  6. oakeley dokeley...thought so...i like to know all mj slang as i plan to do some traveling soon
  7. so wat u guys think? pretty good steal, no?
  8. ya thats not to bad man. so you got whats in the pic for 90$ then? or did you smoke some. id prolly buy it to roll some blunts.
  9. doesnt look terrible. id smoke it all day long :smoke:
  10. i dont mean to be a pot snob but it kinda looks like vaped weed, cant really tell from the pic but yea if ur happy thats all that matters :smoke:
  11. you sure thats some beasters?? looks like mids to me. u should have gotten 8 "cuts" or more commonly referred to as an "oz" for 90.
  12. doesnt really look like beasters imo but nice pick up nonetheless
  13. id pay $30 an 8th all day. but yeah ^hes right doesnt really look like the beast around my parts but still, 30 a slice is mega cheap

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