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latest pickup --20oz of fresh mary jane

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by mxracer0, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. so i go to make a sandwhich today and what a pleasant surprise i find!! haha
    mary jane andddd friends lol

  2. thanks bro! yeah my guy says he gets this shit allll day so next time im in need im gravyy
  3. im soooo jealous of you right now. I wish i could find a straight connect that has DANK like that all day!:laughing::smoking:
  4. damn that looks tasty, nice pick up
  5. lmao, this post made my day thanks man.
  6. Damn yo I'd love to mix that with some cheese.
  7. pack a PHAT bowl of that man :hippie:
  8. Dayum, Looks good enough to eat!

    Someone's gonna get toasted!
  9. MMMM, +Rep for that dankety Dank Dank my friend.. Fucking Enjoy cause that shit is RARE!!
  10. took me yearsss, keep looking son.. your time will come

    thanks so much man, it means alot haha:) when i saw she also came with friends i couldn't of been more overwhelmed with joy
  11. its what im here for! glad to brighten your evening kind lad
    mmm you sir suree know how to make a tasty treat!
    i certainly with, with honour:D

    haha shiiii you got that right, nicee and toasty just tha wayy i like it

    telll me somethin i DONT know haha thanks brah
  12. Lol wtf where can I buy this bread? I have never seen it :eek:
  13. HAHA "Someone's gonna get toasted!"

    Nice one, Full Melt.:smoking:
  14. it was my first time seeing it too haha, i pull it out and the colors look like wonderbread or whatever but for some reason i actually read it and was like whhhattt!!!
    btw i live in va, so maybe this hot item hasn't reached the west coast yet haha
  15. made me lmao irl :laughing:
  16. haha..damnn..jealousy is a bitch:eek:
  17. man you're gonna get baked!

  18. This has been done too many times, It's getting old.
  19. will I get banned if I ask you for a hookup of some of that shit?

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