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Latest pick ups...(PEX, Darth, GC, CP, SFV)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by virtual9000, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. New here from Georgia and here are my latest pick ups. 
    Cherry Pie - fruity taste, great high, smells great and huge buds
    Darth Vader OG - pungent, dense, needs to be smoked with vape or pipe.  left me stuck
    Green Crack - Haven't smoked much of this but it is pretty, my guy says he has even better looking GC on the way
    Pineapple Express - loud fruit smell, taste great, left me with a "mobile" high
    SFV - Another not suited for a swisher.  Very nice high out of a pipe.  Buds a little too dense for me. I prefer those pillows
    Let me know what ya think!

  2. Fuck me, man, those all look incredibly tasty!!! Great strain selection, too. How's the high on that SFV? I've had it recommended to me a couple of times, but I've yet to come across it in my area. I gotta say though, I'm amazed how far the Georgia/southern state chron has come, I would have never seen a Stash Jar thread like this when I first came here 5 years ago. Back then, it was ALL schwag, lol. enjoy mang!
    jah!/ :smoking:
  3. The SFV is smoking but that Darth Vader gave me the greatest high.  I was stuck off that ish.

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