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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by meditate, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Haven't posted on here for a while, figured it is time for an update. I only recently have been keeping track of what strains I've been receiving. These are all from within the month of September.

    The Order of the pictures with short descriptions are as follows:

    Blue Cheese: Definitely the best I've had. Extremely Pungent smell and exotic high. 8/10

    Citrus Kush Only took half a bowl of this to get me where I needed to be. 7/10

    Muggy Nuggies: Had no name for this batch so called it as I felt was appropriate. Had a very muggy taste, kind of odd. High was pretty mediocre for me. 5/10

    Pineapple Jack: Excellent batch. Cross between Pineapple Kush x Jack Herer. Was high after the first hit

    Summer Cheese: Most recent Batch. Very strong and pungent in smell. High is more concentrated towards head with a subtle body buzz. 7/10

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  2. out of all those i'd want to try that pineapple :)
  3. Ah the pineapple tasted amazing. Had a very strong fruity smell with very noticeably skunky undertones. Tasted very well the same.
  4. Oo that cheese and the pineapple look pretty damn sweet. Great buds overall though :smoke:

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