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  1. My buddy lives in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and he ordered seeds from RCMC (Early Durban, Maffy Gold) and Chemo Iranian from the DR. The harvest dates for the seeds are at the latest Sept 15, as frost starts to set in at around that time. He is wondering when is the latest he can germinate these seeds so they finish on time (He is going to start them out in Root Riot cubes and then transplant them outside, and the most they can stay in the cubes is 2 weeks he hears). The average end to the frost here is May 7.

    Thanks all! Let me know if you need any more info. \t\t\t\t\t\t
  2. Anyyyyone??????
  3. I would germ last of March so they can veg for a good 4 weeks.
  4. Behind the ball man. Did that shit like a month ago
  5. It depends on how much space and light you have indoors. If you have the space I would germinate now. I normally start my seeds using the paper towel method, then when they pop I put them in starter pots. If you use the rapid rooters, just plant them in party cups or small pots so the roots have room to spread a little until you put them out. If you don't have room indoors, just germ may 1. Put them out a week later and they will do their thing by harvest time. The lighting has more to do with when they finish then when you plant them. As long as you don't plant at the end of the season or something. Planting early just gives more time for the plant to get big.

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