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  1. Last night i ate an 8th of shrooms, around 4a.m. Reason so late was cause i had slept the whole day, didnt really have anything to do and no idea when i had the time to trip again so i just ate the fuckers.I sat at my computer chair for a while and started watching Fear and Loathing, got through about what seemed 2hours of the movie, then i looked and was more like 1.This isnt the first time ive tripped, but the last i'm sure.I kinda just sat in my room and tripped for a while, everything was pretty trippy due to me turning the lights on at somepoint during the movie.
    To the point though, everyone thats tripped knows the 'reawaking' feeling you get, like a newborn(this got boring and annoying after a few times).well for some reason i started feeling like that..but just over and over again in waves.i said to myself outloud after a while of this, 'open your eyes'(they were kinda chinky).i opened them wide and bam, everything was like a different world. i was coming down and it was about 6:30 a.m.(i had ate some the day before at a party with a friend, first time)stood up to go take a piss and my dad was getting ready for work so i gave him a ride.i was still feeling it so everything outside was amazing.the scenery, the sky was a light shade of colors and everything was just magicall haha..then i realized this is where i live, i'm alive, its the best damn feeling in the fucking world.this lead to some gigling that i tried to hold in abit cause my dad was still next to me.i dont think i'll do this again or anything for that matter..why? because after 4years of smoking i realized it served its purpose for the time and so did everything else.i can appriacte life itself sober and be happy, i needed a drug to realize this which was the funny thing, not anymore though.i feel great just being alive right now, time to go make some money, do something with my life other then just sit around and get fucked up.its great cause i'm young and i can do pretty much whatever the hell i want, just thinking about what i'll do with my life and where i'll be in a few years is all the high i need.Sorry for the long post and if some stuff didnt make sense, i'm really tired and havent slept since well...4am? lol.felt like ranting, enjoy and goodbye guys..i wont be back after this.:wave:
  2. Wow, man. I Hope the best for you. Good luck.
  3. Hmm... A psychological awakening. I wouldnt say all people use drugs jsut to notice life.. People just enjoy them. But I am very happy for you. I would give you a rep point.. But it seems rather useless...
  4. thats.....inspiring.

    i never did shrooms before but i really want to. i dont even know where to get them.
  5. GL man;a serious brake is a good thing. ive had one of "these" a few years ago. i came back...just makes you think about your future's thoughts.
  6. You'll be back, They always come back.

    But naa, Good luck with life homie, Sounds like you got a good head on your shoulders.
  7. damn man. good luck with everything. give me or UFT a ring if you want to chill sometime.
  8. Oh, you'll be back!

    I swore off shrooms after a horrible trip with ego loss, but I'm starting to think about it again...

  9. i'm back. i quit drugs because of mushrooms once...actually twice, and both times...i've started smoking and was back with the harder stuff in no time
  10. You're very inspiring.

    Good luck.
  11. Haha. Once you go stoner... you never go back.
  12. I too think you'll be back... Yes you can control you life, but so can you while high. If you don't sit around and smoke 24/7.... Manage life.... and Marijuana.
  13. Nice story man, best of luck to you.
  14. If nothing else you will still smoke bud once in a while...
  15. Sounds like a bad trip. Been there done that unfortunatley. Just take it easy for a while and ease back into things. And perhaps avoid the shrooms. :cool:
  16. yeah, once you step foot in college and smell the beautiful danks around'll be back in action, so ill see ya when you come back:D:wave:
  17. thats awesome man... im glad you weren't an arrogant ass hole and decided the right way. drugs will always be there... life wont.
  18. Wow man I dont know what to say... I just talked to you last night and everything sounded fine...Im glad that you had this "awakening" because I too know what its like, I quit after shrooms but im back, Good luck to you with the Navy thing. Keep in touch man, just because you dont do drugs anymore dont mean we still cant be friends so gimme a ring sometime!
  19. awwwww

    ditto btw :)

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