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  1. Hi everyone,

    So first a little back story, around week 3 of flower I had a major electrical problem, My main breaker kept popping and my girls had a week of f's up unusual darkness, then in my retardation somewhere during that week I flipped the timer to override/on(instead of off/timer), yeah well I didn't relize for two weeks when I happend to be home and take a look during what should of been the night cycle!!!

    So to recap, 1 week of too much dark, then 2 weeks of 24hour light. the top of my buds started 'beanstalking' out the tops (switched back to veg), well I corrected the light and have been continuing with the flower.

    So Now I have massive bud production, the spots where the bud ran I now have younger flowers compared to the rest. But the real question at hand right now is the maturation of the bud.
    The bulk of the bud is now at 11 weeks of flower (I'm growing lemonskunk an 8week strain).
    I have great tricome production, but still 0% amber tricomes. THey are good and opaque white, they just aren't amber, even the 'secondary' flowers and aging now (pistols have changed color and tricomes are going white) But now amber even on the 11week old flowers.

    I guess I'm just trying to figure out whether I should harvest, I figured I screwed up the internal clock with that lighting screw up but I'm coming up on 1month since my expected harvest date.

    Has anyone had a similar experience(screw-up)? Again, the bud I got look phenominal, I think the screwup has resulted in much more 'sugar' overall. (unless this strain is always this nasty, my first try) I'll try and get some pics up shortly.

  2. Can't say that I have experience with this kind of matters, but do you have a picture of the buds? Just curious how they look now.
  3. you most likely just stunned the plant for a bit but it seems like it has corrected itself. Id say harvest them in pieces if you can. ust take the older buds off when they have amber and wait for the newer ones. be careful dont clip the main stem off tho.

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