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lateast pickup of girl and bud

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by sk3y, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. #1 sk3y, Feb 19, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 19, 2009
    :bongin: so i went to my boys house. we went and picked up 1g of some fire coke ($60g). Shit had me rolling, still rolling. Anyways, also picked up a 22g sack of some high mids ($100). Picked the coke up for myself, and the mids up for my boy at college. I don't need any bud at the moment, still smoking on a quarter of dank ($120) but its in my car so i dont get caught with it in the dorms (so no pics of quarter of dank). But here ya go GC, enjoy, I know i have been :smoke:

    Note: The line laid out on the clip board is not the full G. I didnt feel like getting the rest of it out, unless someone particularly wants to take a gander at it. Sorry for crappy pics, its my camera phone.

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  2. ya, i feel u, id much rather be arrested than called out by my RA....
  3. If you knew the past situation, the car is the safest place. i have been busted with bud in my room already, so the car is the safest place.

  4. i also worry about this :(
  5. Damn, 120 for 1/4?

    Let me see a pic of this shit.
  6. When I was a freshman our RA drank and smoked bud with us, he was pretty tight. He said he was just being an RA for the free place to stay.
  7. Thats normal prices for heads around much do you pay?

    But I told ya man, its in the car. And there is no way I'm walking that far again tonight. haha
  8. Damn, man.

    I get heads for 60-75 1/4 at the most.

    I feel for ya.
  9. Nice pic, hate the sig. Young Jeezy is a fucking punk ass bitch. That video was a step back in time and was nothing that obama was about.
  10. Show sum pics of that Coke man:eek:

  11. As requested haha (everytime I get it out, I take a bump). Its not even close to a full G anymore. Prob around half, maybe even less. I have been bumping off this shit since i got it...

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  12. funny cause my guy always gets the most legit weight from Elizabeth. Always some dank Jack or pink hawaiian.
  13. That's cool man.

    A lot of good weed comes out of Elizabeth.

    How much do you pay?
  14. real cute
  15. Wow Nice Rock:hello: I wouldnt be able to feel my face;)
  16. haha I can't. My throat, nose, tounge, everything is numb. I feel like fucking superman haha :hello:
  17. first off a 1/4 of mids should only cost you guys 45$ tops of the best mids there ever has been. anything more then you got fucked.

    to the OP: why are you suck a lazy ass? jesus dude you made up this long reason why you dont have pics of this offtopic bud. that made me think it was a lie. then you got so lazy to only pull out 1 bud..... i came on here tonight to look at some BUD porn and not get excuses as to why there is no bud porn.
  18. the quarter i was reffering too was of dank, and was $120 for a quarter.
    Mids run around $30-$40 a quarter here.

    Get over it. :rolleyes:

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