Late summer garden, need help.

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  1. So I had some bad luck in the early spring, 1st communication issues on seed order then 4 batches of germinated seeds died.  I used the recycled paper plant starters and the baby roots rotted every time.  When I went back to plastic they were fine.  The point is I have plants that are 2 months late.  By now they are usually about 6 feet and milky.  They are only in the 1st couple weeks of flower now, my best one, an Indica is just starting to flower.  It's already been frosty 2 nights.  I brought them indoors for those.  My question is can I leave them outside for a while more and just cover them at night or do I need to get set up for indoor growing to finish.  There's several great Hydro shops in my area, the guy is super knowledgeable and helpful and just great.  He gave me a bunch of good nutes for my lateness and he has everything I'd need for indoor.  Not sure I want to spend all the cheese and do the work though.  I grow only a couple a year for strictly medical reasons.  My wife needs it for sleep and anxiety and 2 plants yields plenty for the whole year.  If I leave them out and just protect them from frost will they continue to mature and give a good yield?

  2.     I have a similar problem except mine were outside and a foot tall on May 1st. At the crack of dawn they are super frosty and look bomb. Been like that for two weeks maybe three. None of the trichomes on any of the plants have gone milky, they are all clear still!!! They should have finished, the pistils are blood red and pulling back and still clear new looking trichomes. I can give you some advice on a few things I did last week to get through a 5 day span of Hi's of 50'F and lows of 31'F with a hard frost. One night it got below 27'F. If you can, I filled up four 1 gallon milk jugs with the hottest water your faucet will make. I had twelve for four plants. Yeah took a while. I then filled a 2 gallon watering jug with some more hot water. Then wet the soil around each plant at 1am - 2:30am, right when the temp hits about 40'F. Once you got the hot ass water on the soil soaked in the soil but obviously you don't get the hot water on the stem or foliage, be careful. 
        Then I put the 4 gallon jugs around the stem at the base snugged up tight. Then pulled a huge sort of clear garbage bag over the plant to the ground if it will make it. Then pull the bag around the outside of the jugs and pinch it tight with a chip clip or close pin. Kind of makes the 4 jugs into little space warmers heating the inside of the bag. Every morning when I pulled the bags off the soil was warm and the water was still luke warm that I emptied out of the jugs. Made it so my girls got to stay out and everyone else I know had topull on that 27'F night or they risked ruining the plants. Yeah I did all that work but my trich's still haven't milked up so I don't know if I did something wrong.
    If you bring plants that were in the cold inside it will shock them and stunt them. They are on a cycle already.

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