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  1. Hi,
    It's my first grow, I have had my plants outside, but now the weather is getting cooler and with less sunlight I have bought them inside under lights. Because of this, will it stuff up their growth pattern and veg state? They are only about 20-30cm high, but u can tell they are both females. Can I keep the light on 24/0 or should I do something different?

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  2. It shouldn't change much cannabis won't grow as well in the environment outside you described it was a good idea to bring them inside.
    I prefer maximum light because it gives you the best growth so 24/0 is idea if you need to save power 18/6 works well too.Staying on 24/0 will not alter growth. If need be start nute cycles,
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  3. Thanks mate, much appreciated
  4. Hi put em on veg cycle of 18/6 till old enough to flower . Give em some rest so can take up their feed etc. Lower ya light a bit to aviod em stretchin love too. If been out doors check for pest too that may av come in wi em. Because they really young and small treat as though they are clones and bang em in veg etc. Goid luck. Before nutes make sure ya nutes are all used up fro. Siol first. Then go lite wen ya do need nutes etc. Happy growing sweetheart xxxxx
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  5. Thanks Kim. :)
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  6. Ya welcome love. Let us no how it goes xxx
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  7. At the moment I'm putting that seaweed concentrate on them just mixed with the water. When and what nutes should I use to ramp it up?
  8. Hi love cos ya in usa then dont no half wat nutes ya get over there? I would put root stim and multizymme in straight away as they help health of plant but not a feed.. so go for house and garden a and b or something simular. Wi feed only use half or less than says on bottle too at first live . Hope this helps xxx

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