Late Start, Begin Flower?

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  1. Hey everybody!

    So I began this girl a bit later than typical (in June, rather than May) due to the fact that, despite legalization here in Canada, I didn't want to reach 7 feet tall in my suburban, fenced-in backyard.

    (Ignore the watermelons. You know which one she is)

    She's now just over a month old, and began LST a week ago. Three branches are tied down, and she's responded pretty well.
    So my question is this. Now that we've fully entered August, I suppose she's going to enter Flower. A bit smaller than my indoor plants typically get before I make the switch, but I've never grown outdoors before and wanted to keep her under control. Going forward, how do I treat her feedings? Do I keep on with the "mid-Veg" feedings, switch to straight up Flower feedings, or combine the two subtly, so she still has plenty of Veg nutes to shoot upward as she stretches?

    My instinct right now is to do the last option. She's currently in a 10 gallon fabric pot, with a homemade coco/perlite mix around 60/40 respectively. Nutes are a mix of GH Flora Micro and Flora Gro (plus CalMag) for Veg, with FoxFarm Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom for Flower.

    Thoughts? Advice?
  2. Personally I just did one mixed nutes then on next feed did pure flower nutes. As long as your flowering nutes have a little bit of nitrogen it shouldn't be a problem. I've never had shock from switching nutes like others have but I also don't use heavy nutes which could make a difference.
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