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  1. My indica dominant plant is about 1-2 weeks away from harvest. Buds are fat and the smell is so unbelievably sweet. It is a small plant 3 1/2' high and has basically 5 branches growing straight up resulting in some nice looking colas. Being my first grow and having to do it in stealth mode, the plant didn't get ideal light all summer. It got enough to get it where it's at now which is OK. I have noticed that since fall has arrived and the angle of the sun has changed, my plant is now receiving very little direct light as the sun comes up and it's filterd through some trees. In the summer this wasn't a problem. My question is would it be beneficial to move the plant somewhere it will get a bit of direct light for the last week or two of it's life? What benefits would come of this and/or what problems would this casue? I am reluctant to move it. However, if a few hours of sun in its last weeks will plump things up even further withourt fucking everything up, I am all for it. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. i would say leave it where it is and try using some molasses, i just started using it and im 3 weeks into flower and i have seen pretty good results:smoke:
  3. Hey Bdoo -
    Before I can reply to your question I need to know more about it - First question.... How mobile are your plants?? In the ground or in buckets?? Could you move them is tiy
    Second question - Do you have a place to move them to that gets more sunny hours this time of year??
    This info would make it easier to give you advice.... Right now I could tell you what I would do in your situation because I don't know what you situation is....
    But from what I know right now I would tell you…. More sun on your buds is a good/great thing. The more light they get the more hard solid buds will happen… If the sun is not getting to your plants then the plant will stretch for the light and so will the buds!! So the buds will be light and fluffy (which is one of my favorite types) on your MJ fam…..
  4. Hey Hott -

    Happy Monday - blah to that. My plant is very mobile as it is in a huge pot and yes there is a spot that will get more direct sun, at least 4 hours of it. There are no trees filtering out the sun. As I was doing yardwork yesterday and noticed the bright sun shining, I had to move the plant. I think I heard her say thank you but I was ripped at the time. The buds are actually a lilttle more dense than I gave them credit for so I think my stars are lined up and all will be alright. The pistils have slowly started browing up, I have my microscope, all is good. Good luck with your harvest. I know you are busy so thanks for taking the time to reply.
  5. i'd say move it to the sunny spot for sure if it's potted. if you were going to disturb the roots i'd say leave it because you'd possibly shock the plant in the middle of it's flowering.
  6. my satvia is about 4 feet tall and looks freakin awsome.i have it in a 5 gallon bucket in my backyard. its well into flowering i can see the little white hairs on the growtops turning dark but the buds are not very big from what i can see and im running out of time to grow because i live in the north east and its going to start getting cold. what should i do to increase bud size fast

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