Late Show Wheres Joaquin Phoenix ?

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    Joaquin Phoenix's turn from actor to rapper is getting more bizarre by the day. On David Letterman's "Late Show" Wednesday night, the Two Lovers star seemed completely out of it, staring off into space, answering questions with one-word answers and, at one point, sticking gum on the edge of Letterman's desk.

    This guy is the best! He is out of his mind!

    Late Show Wheres Joaquin Phoenix ?

  2. We've already got two threads going on this

  3. No one seems to bother to read the first two pages of General anymore before they make a thread.
  4. Sorry Im stoned!

  5. thats no excuse! i was stoned when i took my act and i scored well enough to get into a university
  6. Do you bring that up a lot in completely irrelevant conversations?

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