Late Season Outdoor Grow, Few Questions

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BleedTeal, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am late to the party because have been traveling this summer until now. I have some King Tut seeds coming in the mail within the next few days, as well as a few leftover Sunset Sherbet seeds. I plan to grow 2 plants on a rooftop, Bay Area lattitude with about 14.5hr days from sunrise to sunset. They get straight sunshine from around 12pm-6pm everyday, and plenty of indirect sunshine in the morning and later evenings. Should I veg indoors prior to setting them outside, as they may flower right away otherwise? I'd like to get a good 3 weeks of veg time for them at least before flowering.

    Please advise,
    Thanks a bunch!
  2. I just did mine now

    gave my afgans one month veg and gonna go 2 months flower

    just be sure not to disturb them once in the dark zone tho

    I bring mine into a closet for 12 hours a day

    good luck
  3. Veg them inside definitely. Your plants will flower pretty much right away when you put them outside. Flowering takes about 21 days to show. 21 days from when you finish veg. If you haven't cracked your seeds yet, you're looking at 2 months before you are showing flower. How many hours of daylight in mid September? Plants will start flower once they get more than 9 hours of dark on regular basis.
  4. Thanks for the reply!

    Beginning of September looks to be roughly 13hr long days, while the end of September we're looking at 12hr days, sunrise to sunset.
  5. September 22nd. Autumnal equinox. Equal night/day. Days get shorter from this point until Winter solstice. Shortest day of the year. December 21st I think.
  6. Great, so you guys think if I veg indoors for about the next month, and put out mid august for flowering, that should be OK correct?


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