Late season little she look?

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  1. This little girl came round from a clone that I didnt have the heart to throw away 2 months ago...I put her in the pot with some super soil and some perlite just to see how she would do outside this late in the she is today.;) Temps have been in the high 50's at night so Im not sure if she will grow anymore...she's up for chop soon.

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  2. next time you have a late season addition to your crop try getting them going inside with cfl's to a hieght of at least 1 foot then put them out for flowering:hello:
  3. I'll have to try that out. I mainly was going to get rid of this clone because I knew I didnt have enough room in my she was weak one out of the batch of 3. I didnt even think that I would have enough time to do it this one outdoors but she came around. She's not big by any means but her flowers are nice and coated in more of an experiment than anything.
  4. looks good, leave it out as long as possible, as in until you get frost reports
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    Mine have survived all of the frosts so far in Ga.
    I think the lowest was 25
  6. yeah hows this girl going dummy?

    picturess please! i want to see her in her floral glory :)
  7. I ended up chopping her on Saturday. It was for a couple was that it looked like she had stopped growing all together. Im wondering if it just got too cold for her:confused:. Also, if you saw my post in Freak's thread a week or so back, my in laws were at it again with the nosing around in the I just chopped her. She is super dank too and the buds are so tightly packed...not big but super tight! She is drying now and I'll get some pics up and show you guys. I left her sugar leaves kind of longer than I usually would because they were completely covered in crystals all the way to the tips on both sides!!
  8. Tried to get the pics up but it keeps saying uploads failed...I'll check it out tomorrow and try again. Sorry guys.
  9. good luck mate, is she dry? what's the weight? (hehe bad pun)
  10. Nah. She's pretty wet still, haha! Seriuosly though, she probably wont be ready until the weekend. Maybe longer since I left so many sugar leaves longer than usual.
  11. Well, all in all I guess she was gooooood, haha. She was small to begin with so you can imagine how much smaller she was when she got dry. I mainly wanted to see what would happen the late in the season and also how that Super Soil would treat her. Addin perlite seemed to help out alot. Dried the soil out fairly quick so the nute balls didnt really have a chance to rupture (I guess)...anyhow, I still dont have a scale so I dont know how much she weighed but as I said, I left her sugar leaves somewhat long since they were coated all the way to the tips! The few "samplers" told me that it was spot on...I could see in their red eyes that they werent lying, hahaha!
  12. pics of the harvest?
  13. Sorry to get back so late bro. Been out and about...I didnt take any pics since I was just a small amount in the end. I did learn a little more though about how to approach growing in soil with those type of slow release nutes (at leat I think that i did).
  14. aw :( was hoping to see what you got, i didn't much of a harvest off my ASB either, but i learned enough that i think i'll do better next time...

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