Late Outdoor Grow ?? Any advice

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Ayeitstrapz, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. I’ve just moved into a new place, is it too late to grow outdoors mid July ? I am up here in central California. I have a couple plants that are 1-2 feet tall. I was wondering if I grew them in 30 gallon pots would I still be able to pull some weight ? Thanks in advance
  2. Should at that far into growing, still have at least 3 months in my area for outdoor grow. And I'm in northern upper michigan.
  3. You have approximately 3-4 weeks before preflower. You'll get some yield in Central California but I wouldn't expect much growing in 30 gallon pots. What is your expectation? I am in NorCal.
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  4. I’ve been looking into the same question OP. I’m hoping the answer is some yield from smaller plants. :weed-4:
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  5. What about 45 gallon ? I don’t want to waste especially since flowering is around the corner, will I be able to get atleast 3 weeks of veg ?? I’m doing bubba kush.
  6. My plants are about 1-2 feet tall as of now with atleast 8-10 small tops
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  7. I’m hoping for atleast 3/4th to 1 unit

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