Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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  1. Anyone else watching this right now? I feel kind of bad for him, he's not very funny. It's kind of awkward just watching. And his lead band member isn't funny at all.

    But you gotta cut him some slack, it's his first episode. I heard Conan was like that for the first few years of his show.
  2. yeah im checkin it out. i was never a fan of jimmy fallon but someone pointed out that all the reason i dont like him as an actor might make him good as a talk show host. we'll see, maybe in a few weeks they will have worked out the kinks?
  3. I gave up Conan a year or so ago in favor of Craig Ferguson. Conan still has his moments but the last few years it hasn't been what it was.
    I do have hope for him on the Tonight Show, though. And Andy Richter coming back as announcer should be refreshing.
  4. lick it for 10? really? maybe theyre getting the bad stuff out of the way early? i too like craig ferguson, and will probably watch him after conan come june.
  5. cut. jimmy fallon is terrble
  6. It was really cool of De Niro to do all this stuff for him, definitely gave the show a boost, considering he NEVER does interviews.

    I like the LOOK of the show, but Fallon needs to work out the kinks. For the monologue, he just looks like he's nervously reading off the teleprompter, and when when he tries to say something funny, he does it EXACTLY like Conan did. And one of the best things about Late Night shows is watching the chemistry between the host and the band leader (Leno/Kevin, Conan/Max). This black guy that Fallon has is quite possibly the most impersonable person i've ever seen on TV. Their music is alright though.

    Still though, i'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Like I said, Conan apparently was nervous and unfunny for his first season, and now he's one of the big dogs.
  7. i think jay leno should take over for fallon lol
  8. shit, jimmy not even funny. Watch couple episodes. He still nervous, worry too much, the band is suckin balls.

    They need to replace him now. His place is at SNL.

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