late night toke.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by FinallyFamous, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. love these late night tokes, just chill on the roof and spark a jay and pack a few bowls and you're set to sleep! haha just make sure it's a strong Indica.
  2. Can't get on my roof unless I enter my brothers room too. Just slip in the backyard and spark up.

    Love the starry night skies.
  3. Most of my tokin is done late night/early morning. Never did it on a roof though, sounds fun.
  4. Smoking on a roof sounds awesome. The night is my favorite time to smoke. Way peaceful.
  5. Please people if you are going to smoke weed on rooftopss, do it responsibly.
  6. Yes be responsible.

    i was on a roof smoking.. it was super hard to get down without busting my ass

    but i was smoking straight sativa so my mind was rushing from place to place hahaha.

    plus do it on private property thats your own.. i got caught trespassing about to smoke on a roof, they didnt find the weed so trespassing can be a charge.

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