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Late night story time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TokeXC, May 6, 2011.

  1. So last tuesday my parents went up to our beach condo to clean it up for the upcoming weekend where we would be staying with the rest of the family. Well i had the house to myself and did not expect my parents to get back home until later that night. Well i decided to have some friends over and we were just about to smoke a bowl when i needed to take a dump like bad. So I tell the guys to go ahead and toke and they do and i guess they leave my pipe with my phone and ipod on the table in my backyard. Well when i got out of the bathroom they were coming in saying that we should go play some football(my group of friends loves doing active shit. it just what we do). So not thinking i say im completely down and go into my room and grab my keys and wallet not even thinking about my phone and ipod. Well we play football and my buddy tells me that he has 20 on a sack so of course im down to get some so we go to my dealers house(didn't have my phone so we came unannounced). My dealer ended up not being there so i drive back to my house and when i get their i see my parents car in the drive way. I immediatly remember that i have no idea where my pipe is, so i tell my friend to go over to our other friends house and chill out for a sec. I go in and i check the table. My phone and ipod are there but not my pipe. So i figure im caught so i dip and go and meet up with my friends again and we go swimming. Well i come home and my parents say nothing to me not a word about weed or that they found anything. So know here i am pipeless, weedless and sleepless because i don't know where the hell my pipe is. I've thought about confronting my mom about it, but its a scary thought. Just thought i'd share my story because i can't fall asleep.
  2. lol ur friend took it
  3. No, the three friends i was smoking with would not take it unless by accident. Two of them rarely smoke and the other i smoke with all the time so him taking it would just be pointless.

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