Late night story, getting food....

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  1. So i work the night sift and get home around 11:30pm ish when i work.
    and on this particular night i got this girl blowin up my phone trying to get some :)
    so how can i deny her? LOL
    but i'm staving balls and not to many places are open up late on weekdays
    so i head over to Taco Cabana (open 24/7:))
    as i'm walking to the door a group of four guys about 25ish years old get out there car, obviously some have been drinking.
    jumping over their patio thing and acting dumb
    so i'm waiting for these hooligans to order their food.
    one of them decide that they want to leave, the rest follow like sheep. lol
    so step up to order, i ask for 2 chicken tacos, cashier holding a cup, asking if i want a drink
    i reply with "only if its free" he hands me the cup... i'm thinking hell ya a free large drink!:D
    i go fill my cup up with the soda of my choice, and start putting some salsa in the togo plastic things (jalapeno ranch is that shit!)
    so i get my bag of food to put the salsa inside; there is an extra taco in the bag!
    hell ya!!! lol
    then i get to head over to this girls house and have a fun ass night

    man i love getting free food, i was walking out with the biggest smile on my face

    short version:
    i get off work, girl wants some. i stop to get some tacos, guy gives me a free large drink and a extra taco for free.
    proceed to go get some
  2. riveting tale, chap.
  3. dude this is how all stories should end... with a free drink, a free taco, and a bj.

    if only life were always like that... some dude probably got punched in the balls to balance out the cosmic karma from your good fortune.
  4. :laughing: :laughing:
  5. Why does there need to be a short version? :p

    I read it in like 30 seconds.
  6. It might have taken him an hour to write tho.

    But yes, riveting =D
  7. lol i hope no one got punched in the balls for me to get a free taco and drink

    but if it did happen....

    thank you sir! lol
  8. Nice, sounds like a great night. Can't go wrong with a free taco.

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