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Late Night Pick Up ...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by tokin86, Mar 12, 2011.

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    As I stated in, What Am I smoking Thread Just smoked with ny wife for a midnight session blazed have pics up soon its some banging midie
    , here are my pic's..enjoy :smoke:

    BTW, it's a 1/4 oz. I got it for $80, my dude threw in 2 grams extra so it's a total of 9 gram's :hello:

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  2. Looks leafy but still dank as hell..
  3. its such a mellow high amazing
  4. Been trying since 6 pm to get some bud, waiting on my one guy cause I know I would get the best bud/hook up.....fucking BACKFIRED....could have hit up others and gotten stuff for sure, but now its kinda late. Fucking maddd. Sorry for ranting in ur thread lolz. I am just jealous of your bud.
  5. no worries dude, it took me two days
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    here is my 1/4 oz i had several weeks ago as well..just to throw it in there

    also, my 8th's that i get

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