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late night insomniac depressed post.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. FUUUCKKK!!!

    am i comiing or going, i cannot decided...well..i mean im going, but i keep thinking of shit to say

    ever want to tell people EXACTLY how you feel..tell them the EXACT TRUTH, but cant, because it will piss them off, and you dont want them pissed off.

    i was gonna name this "sober rant" but decided to name it this because negative things tend to catch people eye more so i threw depressed in there...those of you know how it is, comes and goes with no reason and you can only find solice in music and sleep, and there isnt really solice in sleep so much as just being unaware of anything being wrong
    now would be a good time to rent the movie "wag the dog" for those of you who have not seen it.
    im sorry if i dont follow protocol, im an unusual person that wants to say what i want to say when i want to say it, you dont have to read it....WERE STONERS GET OVER IT
    my birthday is wednesday...for most of you this wont be read until birthday is tomorrow

    i would NEVER commit suicide, but always willingly embrace death...did i come up with that, or did i hear it and just recalling it from somewhere in the recesses of my mind..funny how that something and then forget it, regurgitate it and think its yours...vomit into a birds mouth for food..gotta love baby bird breath.

    ahh..cigarrette...making this bitter sweet existence shorter by the always looks better through smoke.

    some people wont even read this just because I wrote it
    some people will be instantly intrigued by the negative title, but then see all the typing and then say fuck it, i dont have time for this shit...


    ^^maybe i should stay....
    *puffs cig*

    it hurts me that some people here dont think of me the way that they let on sucks ANY time you think highly of someone, consider them your friend, and they could care less about you, they have no use for you. they betray your trust in them. ahh well...shit happens

    ceste la vie

    fuck i hate being depressed
    i hate ignorance

    i say stupid shit to maybe make people laugh..maybe make myself laugh...but get kicked in the face for it..

    *edit...i could give a rats ass about my post count.
  2. man, i've been there, and felt that way. things will get better.
    as far as the friends thing goes, i've noticed that some people only post on certain people's thread, which is pretty immature, but that's how any group of people works. there's always that stupid fuck who doesn't want to associate with you. i say fuck them, because of course you're better than them! why else would they do that? i consider everyone here an equal accuaintance at least. i don't like anyone more than anyone else. you are all my grasscity homies, but it does stop there...sorry to bust anyone's bubbles :) yah right.
  3. incase i don't see you around tomorrow... happy birthday. and i mean it norm. you better make it a HAPPY birthday. :D

    i know what ya mean about thinking of someone as a friend, only to find out they couldn't care less about you. it hurts, but time heals (or helps us forget?) these pains.

    i don't know really exactly what happened and with whom, but i will say, i've always thought of you as a 'net friend. you're a cool dude, and if someone is too blind to see that than it's their loss. don't fret it my friend. these things happen.

    hope your mood lightens, and things start looking up for you once again. ::sends good karma norm's way::

    hope the good vibes reach ya, man. :)

    - peace
  4. heads i stay

    tails i go...
  5. ::is regretting an AIM session::

    I didn't want it to end like this

    BTW~Happy Birthday Norm
    You know I'm gonna be smoking for you/with you in spirit :)

    [edit] After I posted this, my brother saw the picture I made, and brought to my attention the fact that it's hard to read....I thought I could read it fine, but if anyone has a hard time, it says "Happy Birthday Norm" and "From TheHempress"....No offense, but I'm too tired to make another one with easier to read text....that one took a while as it is :p.....anyway, Happy Birthday man :D

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  6. Happy B-Day norm..

    You might as well say what you want to Norm.. This is the internet and you really can't have a relationship with people that you have never met or never will meet..

    I don't know if the rules offended you or if it was some one here, but we all have to try and get along..

    I always try to speak my mind and keep things in the clear as to how i feel.. I don't try to make friends by trying not to hurt peoples feelings.. This way the true friends are there and others just go away..

    I'm working my ass off these days and tired. I let some things bother me that I shouldn't because of it..

    I hope you change your mind about the people at the city and come on back ..

    If not, have a happy B- Day and keep your chin up!1
  7. Geez man, I just wrote a post almost exactly like that in my online journal last night... it's if you want to read it... But you don't have to, it's not the point.

    The point is that most of us go through what you're going through... Human nature causes some people to turn on others... There will always be the hiding of true feelings, the knifing of the back, the asshole-ish remarks... It's the world. I created my online journal to record these feelings for all to read... It helps. I don't really care who reads it, but at least it's not on a commonly used message board or to that asshole directly. If you wanna make one, go to

    It's free, allows you to post pictures, and is easy to use. The servers are huge also, so it never seems to get bogged down.

    By the way, happy birthday, man. I hope you have a nice b-day besides all of the other shit going on... It's within your power to make it a good day. Carpe Diem. Keep your head up and keep on truckin'. (Wouldn't hurt to smoke a bowl or five either! :) )
  8. I think I kind of know what happened but not who did it or why.

    I just want to say that the things Norm does are exactly why I like him.

    He opens up his mind and displays his imagination for all which is a very brave and personal thing to do (in my opinion) and someone thinks it's immature? That's just not right.

    happy birthday man
  9. yeah i agree, i may not post a whole lot on your threads norm, it has to do with me not having much to say on what ever strange and humorous thought that you have come up with. i always enjoy your posts, and usually read them all, i have always seen you as a valued part of this community.

    so, happy birthday and if you decide to leave, take care
  10. Happy Birthday, Normsy Poo!

    I don't really know what to say except that I read this thread simply because it was you. Sometimes I don't get all of your "rants" but they're your thoughts and I can't fault you for your thoughts...nor would I. Plus, you make my mind churn...usually that's a good thing.

    I don't lie to people but there are individuals who don't get the complete truth from me simply because I don't want to hurt them...I can handle pissing people off, I do that a lot. I don't like messing with a persons heart, though.

    Sometimes you have to get it all out and maybe that will make you feel better. Sometimes you can do in front of an audience, sometimes if you have a problem with someone in particular, it is best to do it away from the audience. All I'm saying is that if you feel the need to confront anyone, myself included, maybe you should. Keeping shit deep inside only causes turmoil for yourself that will end up coming out in another isn't healthy for your mind, heart or soul.

    I will respectfully disagree with Bud Head's comment about not really being able to have a relationship with people you haven't met and may not meet. I have friends that I have met online who mean more to me then people I get to see face to face. There are people that I've met online who I talk to on the phone on a regular basis and they have helped me through bad times and shared my good times with me...I have done the same for them. A lot of the people I've met online, I've now met face to face and we have amazing friendships. It used to be "hokey" to develop relationships whether they be friendships or more on the internet, but the internet has come along way and things change.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday, Norm! Despite what you may think right now, I love ya!!!! :)
  11. What is happening in the City? These great people (Digit and Norm) thinking about leaving? I wish I knew what the hell was going on. Maybe I've been to busy takling politics to see whats going on along the different threads. Everybody needs to chill out about everything. I have seen very few people I didn't like here, and they have all disappeared after a coupl of days. I love you guys and seeing this sort of strife in my very own City just makes me wonder. Norm, don't leave. You know you'll just come back. Your random posts bring a great deal of joy to my heart. You are the funniest person on here. Perhaps they seem immature, but who is really mature? Immaturity is what makes life worth living. If we were all a bunch of stiffs, the world would suck.
  12. Hey man! Despite my stoner attention span..I read all ur post :)

    Dont feel bad..all that does it make ya feel worse, when I feel bad feelin bad just makes me feel worse..ya kno?
    plus... tommorow/today is ur bday! :D
    free gotta love that hehe. Man..I dunno how I can make ya feel better, all I can do it type..
    wait i know.. i'll smoke a bday bowl for ya .. :)
    Its my last bowl, and I was gonna save it for right b4 school..but hey, I'll smoek it for u man ! :)
    happy bday, hope its great dude
  13. norm... dude.

    what a heart-felt lil rant that was.

    nice one.

    i gotta admit my reason for reading this one. the negative & depressing tone to the title and... because it was you. it's usually always just the title.... and if there's a poll ;D

    and as for "we're stoners, get over it"... more like... we're stoners, we wont ever remember it! :)

    "fuck i hate being depressed
    i hate ignorance"


    same boat dude, same boat. keep paddling man or we gonna be going around in circles... we'll reach the shore soon enough. see them honeys on the shore? that's where we headin... so keep paddlin. ...erm.... i think that analogy just took a sharp turn into the surreal.

    and if u really feelin that blue... go play your harmonica for us in the insomniacs anonymous. (havnt been recently so u might already hav done)

    i hope u dig being called normsy poo because i'm going to do it too, normsy poo.

    maybe you should stay? "MAYBE"? wtf? there aint no fuckin maybe about it boy. if i'm stayin... you stayin. i realised that it's not really my choice. other people are now involved. that choice will effect them. u leavin would effect me... and a shitload of others... so for the same reason i'm stayin... you stayin. that's 'bout all there is about it.

    oh yeah... almost forgot... ak47stein, i don't suppose u wanna name names as to who only replies to certain peoples threads? i've never noticed that but then i not been payin attention. you even had me worried that i'd been doin that unintentionally.

    so once again norm, be happy, don't worry, doooo-tee-dooo-te-dooo-te-do-te-do-te-do-do-dooooo, dooo-te-dooo-te-do-tedoo-tedoooo....dont worry... t-ch, be happy...... etc

    ps... can i have a rats ass please? easy on the mayo.

  14. well i think i might have missed something lol...... stoner
    happy birthday man im gonna smoke a bowl for ya when i have weed

  15. Not meaning to sound crass, but is'nt deception (not telling the complete truth) just as bad? Especially when the complete truth will come trickling out eventually?

    I have friends that I have met online who mean more to me then people I get to see face to face.......and they have helped me through bad times and shared my good times with me...I have done the same for them.

    Which is probably part of the reason why the Arkansas Pigsticker is feeling the way he is.

    Sometimes you have to get it all out and maybe that will make you feel better. Sometimes you can do in front of an audience, sometimes if you have a problem with someone in particular, it is best to do it away from the audience. All I'm saying is that if you feel the need to confront anyone, myself included, maybe you should. Keeping shit deep inside only causes turmoil for yourself that will end up coming out in another isn't healthy for your mind, heart or soul.[/QUOTE]

    Pay attention to this woman boys and girls!^^^
    Smart cookie! I admire your style RMJL, always have. Even back in the quiet days. So in the spirit of what you just said........

    I'm probably sticking my nose into corners that might get me smacked, deleted, or banned. So be it. If I can sit here and tell all of you about dropping my hitter in the shitter, then I reserve the right to rant, yes, have a little rant about the city.

    Those who know what's going on know why he's feeling the way he is. How could you not? Are you that stoned?

    International House of Pancakes comes to mind. Or waffles, actually? Which left parties standing with their you-know-what-in their hand.

    Not to mention the unmistakeable odor of status being threatened, which inevitably leads to backroom politics. Which leads to deception and silence.

    When this thread started Norm did'nt want to speak his mind because he was afraid of pissing someone off. Sounds kinda like he's trying hard to stay above the fray. Blowing something off, just because it will prove the naysayers right if he loses it.

    Rock on Norm!!! Proves me right again!!!

    Probably shoulda done this PM like was said, but ya know what? I don't really give a shit. This has been eating at me. And the parties involved have had a PM written to them only to have it deleted during a bout of second guessing. Guess sometimes it just explodes outta me. I've got it off my chest. You'll hear nothing more from me. (Actually, I severely doubt that last statement.)

    If this needs to go, then hit that little button that says "this never happened".

    I understand if you do.

    CONTROL is an important thing.
  16. eh we've all been there before buddy, keep your chin up!

    hahaha, go smoke some weed, weed solves everything ;)
  17. Just to prove that I was'nt gonna shut up,

    If people have a problem with Norm, then they're missing the true spirit of the City entirely. Someday when this place is nothing but posts by newbies, about salvia, fav papers, fav way to smoke, fav movie, etc. etc. etc. you may understand.
  18. Norm was the first person from the City to talk to me outside of it....
    One of the few who still talks to me outside of the City....he's one of the coolest people I "know"

  19. Unless the "truth" that comes trickling out isn't so much the truth. If you don't hear it from the horses mouth, then you aren't hearing the truth at all.
  20. But unless the horse is Mr. Ed, you can wait a long time for something to come out of the horses mouth.

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