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Late Night Blades

Discussion in 'General' started by iWannaTreeONugs, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Just blissfully vaping home grown and listening to blues.........at night. :hookah:

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  2. Listening to punk rock and smoking reefer.

    At night. ;)
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  3. You guys ever listen to music at night, on weed?

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  4. Hells yeah.

    You guys ever screw around forklifts on the street at night...on weed?

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  5. Did everyone get their insomnia cured except me? :eek:
  6. Still wondering . . . ?
  7. It's kinda late here....9:40
    I take cannabis indica for sleep meds
    About to vape it now actually. :bongin:
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  8. I’m pretty much an exclusively nighttime toker.
    Music and bud help me unwind from the days activities.
    Headphones are a must for late night listening.

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  9. same. I have the benefit of a subpac vest for bass. highly recommend.
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  10. Damn. Haven’t seen this thread in a while

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  11. I can't get high every night because I don't want to, and it doesn't help me sleep anyway. Sometimes it keeps me awake. And I sure as hell don't want any fucking music playing in my dark bedroom, as I lie staring into the blackness hoping to get drowsy.

    Aside from that, life is good.
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  12. Those damn hippies :hippie: lol
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  13. So here it is, 3:00 AM and wide awake. I just took a second (legal) sleeping pill, I should be out shortly.

    But this is ridiculous, it's a 30+ year problem for me and I'm getting tired of all the drugs. I'm getting a physical in about a month, I will ask doc about going to a sleep clinic.

    That vid above me ^. Are unmentionables no longer unmentionable?
  14. Lol wtf. If I smoke on a night I'm out dude no joke and I rarely smoke on a night though because I'm always smoking the bit of weed I get in the day. so come night time I have nothing and go to bed whenever I feel like it anyway.

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  15. Almost 0300hrs here I just noticed this thread I am back up every night from midnight to 3ish due too a cranky back, I vape some, do a little reading then back to bed until 0500hrs, sleep clinic an sleep apnea machine is one of the best things to happen to me in years, changed my world no shitting.... Strongly suggest you get one
  16. I'm not really sure what all that means. Maybe you should smoke less and study your native language a bit more . . . ? lol. :)

    At any rate I'm 67, rarely "go out" anymore, have had insomnia since I was in my 30s, and it gets worse the older I get.
  17. I don't have sleep apnea, I have insomnia. I just cannot GET to sleep; I cannot shut my mind down, I don't get drowsy. Once I do get to sleep, I'm fine. But I am gonna ask my doc about going to a clinic when I see him in January. I've been on 'script sleeping pills since 2004 and they just aren't working that well any more unless I take two different ones like I did last night. But where does all that end?

    WTF is with the "Multi-quote" feature here on this crappy software? I've been online since 1994 and have never come across one like this.

    It doesn't fucking work,
    no matter how I try it.
  18. Your select quote, then insert quote :confused_2:
    Not sure what the issue is.
  19. Ah fair enough I was just saying if I do have a smoke on an evening which is 1 in every 2 nights then it makes me go to bed early and I can not stay awake as long as if I didn't have any but I go to sleep fine anyway. I was just shocked with you saying the weed doesn't help you sleep. Lol

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