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  1. So im on my second grow and there is only 1 problem, I will be leaving in august and wont be back until around november and i was wondering if i wait that long to harvest will i still be able to get some decent bud from my plants. i am confident that the rain water will be able to supply them while im gone and also it doesnt get to cold around here in november.
  2. U want to leave u plants for 3 months an expect good results. Some plant may be done In august as well i had some early harvest. So then If u leave a plant that is ready to pull for to long it will start so sprout seeds. So now all your plants get seeds. Sounds like u need to plan a little better or get a partner.
  3. Depending on where you live and the weather, your plants may finish nicely by early November. Hopefully temps don't dip below 32 F and plants receive adequate rainfall during the time you are away. Some strains do finish early, but if conditions are right, most strains do well into the later part of autumn. Be prepared to see your plants displaying a mix of deep reds and greens, with an ocassional bight yellow fan leaf. You'll be amazed by their beauty.
  4. so i should be good if nature is on my side ?
  5. and also they wont get seeds if you pull the males b4 hand
  6. Right on. Hopefully the weather is kind to you and no free-floating pollen attach to your flowers.
  7. pick your strains accordingly. Probably want to look into an easy-to-grow sativa strain that finishes by the time u plan to return.

    what area are u growing these?
  8. East coast WV
  9. Also im using bag seed

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