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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by superbudsrcool, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. I thought this story is kinda cool so ill tell it. 3 friends and I get ready to go see a movie by burnin a big fat J before goin in so after we burn that we go stand in line and its a long line so we all smoke a cig while waiting and when we are almost in my freind says hey run to the store and buy a 1liter MDew so we do not have to buy a soda inside and I say ok but im high so it may take a while he laughs and says ok so i go get the dew but we never discussed how we would sneak it in cuz I have where to tuck it in my clothes so im walkin back and see two freinds burnin one in a car and stop and say hi and get a few puffs then im back at the movies just standin outside with the soda so instead of tryin to sneak it in i stash it in my car for after the movie and im almost in the door before I feel like one more cig and see a good lookin girls smokin one so I ask if I can bum a cig and after I fire it up I get chattin with here but then she had to go so im standin there finishing the cig and i see another guy I know that is with two girls and I over hear them talkin about papers and I ask if they need any and they said no but they are lookin for somewhere to crush up and snort some pills so we go to my car and he pack a bowl for me lettin them use my car we smoke that and we are just sittin there while they snort the pills and a bunch of kids come past us that were fighting and they were yellin cops are commin so this guy and the two girls are freakin out thinkin they are gonna get cought with the pills and bud if a cop see's us sittin in my car so they say get outta here so I leave the parkin lot and drive like 10 min away then we come back and they go there way and I go into the movie and find my frieands and I ended up 45 min late for the movie.The End.
  2. yea that must hav be more fun then a moive am i right?
  3. Welcome to GrassCity. nice story, ^^^^ is prolly right.

  4. it was fun walkin into the movie 45 min late after tellin my friend it was gonna take a while for me to get the soda cuz i was high its like when i said that i made my future for that to happen plus the weed made it happen anyways cuz it seems everytime im high somethin cool or weird always happens i call it a part of stoner myth.

    ill have a new storie tommorow to.

  5. i didnt understand any of that shit hahah
  6. u need to lay off.. ur not making any sense

  7. Hahah, that's exactly how I'm feeling. I started to read it, then started to skim sentences, then just straight up stopped reading. What was that kid trying to say?


    Oh, and welcome to the City.
  8. Cmon buddy, make it easier for us to read your post.

    Your story is like 20 lines long and I counted 1 period throughout the whole post.
  9. ^^ha ha for real man.

    but did u ever get into the movie or did u just spend the whole time outside.

  10. sorry didnt know this was fuckin english class.
  11. haha, i understand your post fine. It's really rambled though. So did you get that girls number you bumed a smoke off of, or did she blow you off?? I love meeting new ppl and smoking with them, it always seems it happens at the strangest times. Oh and the stoner myth thing, that always happens to me. If your high you are always garunteed to see some crazy shit, or atleast something funny happens. I just don't know if when your high things seem more intresting or just wierd shit stands out more obvious when your high, or when your high you seem to do more exploring witch leads to seeing new things. Just my theory though. :)
  12. It was ramble, but I understood it just fine.

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