Late flowering, Slow bud growth?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by SlowGrow, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. I have been in flower for about 6 weeks now. All was going well untill about 6 days ago. Almost all bud growth has stopped and some of the plants have upward cupping leaves. I have two strains both of wich are bag seed.

    Any ideas

    Here are some stats.

    Sativa and indica.
    6 weeks flowering
    1.5 gallon pots. ( not root bound)
    scotts top soil. very little merical grow potting soil. sand, perilight domolite lime, epsom salts, (all fertz have been pretty much flushed at this point)
    600w hps, About 6" away (no burning)
    40 to 50 % humidity
    70 degress light off, 80 to 85 lights on (can't bring it down)
    I use peters blossom buster 8-16-8 every other watering. No more Fretz for these ones.
    They have good air circulation., Though the room has been sealed up for a few months with no real air exchange, only when i open the door to go in and out.
    Any more questions please ask, I can't seem to figure it out. don't wan to lose my yeild.

    Thanks Guys

  2. Based on these lines in your above post I am going to say that the reason why growth has stopped and buds no longer thickening because these plants are now ripe and ready to harvest.
  3. 42 days into flowering? you're probably done bro.
  4. u need too post a pic up.. n if its a sativa strain, 42s is to early to harvest... u need to keep da temp between 70 n 80.. add sum fan's...

  5. Thats true 420.
    I wonder where he got those "stats".
    Yo slowgrow, what strain are we talking about here? Ironic that your Screen name here is slowgrow and now you are having slow bud growth problems. I think you jinxed yourself man!! LoL.
  6. are they get total darkness for 12 hours or are you sneaking in there with a flashlite cause ur too anxious? anyway, congrats on ur first post

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