Late flowering - exhaust issue

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  1. So I'm a week or two (week 8 ) away from harvest. My tents exhaust came apart somehow and the temps climbed to 110 F for almost the entire 'on' cycle.

    As soon as i noticed I turned the light off and watered with some rainwater with protekt and aloe.

    I'm hating life... Have I ruined it?
  2. Well, did it kill your plants? If not, keep on growing them. Some pictures would be awesome so I could see if they're actually dead or not. Heat will knock them down quick and sometimes, too much for them to come back. But just post a pic and we can go from there. TWW
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  3. Thanks, I will post some pics once the on cycle kicks back in. Most of my fan leaves were yellowed and picked off already but my pistils were still white. Anyway, I'll get a better look tonight and try to post a pic.
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  4. I think I might be ok. They looked horrible last night - it isn't pretty but I only grow one plant at a time and my stock is extremely limited at this point. This is the last of some seeds of Liberty Haze I was given a few years back. I tried to take 2 clones but neither took - so this is it..

    20160312_220836.jpg 20160312_220841.jpg
  5. looks like they bounced back nicely.
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  6. Thanks. How much longer do you think I got? I try to look for a good population of amber trichomes but my hands are so shaky it's tough.
  7. kinda hard to tell from a photo. i always cut a tiny piece of leaf from a bud and take it to a table to scope, much easier to look at the trichs that way.
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