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  1. I'm 6 1/2 weeks into flowering and suddenly theres all theses yellow banana looking flowers mixed in with my bud. So after a little research I've got hermies.. I've pulled the two with flowers there are 4 females remaining. So basically now im trying to see if its worth it to wait 2 more weeks for the buds to finish and fill in and hopefully only have a few seeds here and there, or just harvest now before seeds start popping up everywhere.. The balls seem to be on the newer growth as well so it looks like theres more to come, also I dont know if the plants using its resources on making more male balls or will it switch back to budding for the remainder of the next two weeks. Other questions I have are how long does it take for a seed to develop into something pitlike( a hard solid mass), and whats the timeframe for male pollen to mature. Thanks guys im soooo depressed!
  2. I could be wrong but my understanding is that for a seed to be viable it has to be present for a good 4-6 weeks on the plant. I have also heard that you can pluck the bananas before the actually pollinate the bud and start seeding. It could be a difficult task depending on the size of your plants.

    Honestly it's hard to say whether to harvest early or wait it out for seeds, because you are already losing energy to the male pollen sacks but when seeds develop you will lose energy there. But by harvesting early you are going to lose weight and maturity(ultimately potency and flavor) of your buds. The question is, what is the right trade offs?

    My recommendation would be to let it grow before the pollen sacks burst(Idk that timeframe) and then harvest before that, or if the cutting of the sacks is viable then do that and grow it out until bud maturity thus saving lost energy from the seeds(although chopping at your plant may stress it, another trade off).
  3. Thanks for the input, its good to know the seeds take that long to develop. Yeah Im going try the sac cutting option, the hermies are set up elsewhere now but are still being tended to.
    Thanks bud.
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    Theyre begging to be harvested haha, but really I recommend giving em the chop early otherwise youll most likely get a shit load of tiny hard-to-see undeveloped seeds that pop and taste like shit when you smoke. Its also really hard to pick all of them out (of broken up nugs) so smoking them is inevitable.

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