Late August outdoor grow, no buds. Should I be worried?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MassGirl88, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Total newbie, hi guys!

    Growing in Massachusetts now that is legal. Super silver haze, not autoflowering, 5 plants. Planted early July so now about 7 weeks growth, plants are around 2-3 feet, appear very healthy, using good soil and fertilizer. Outdoor on south west facing porch, plenty of sunlight.

    I'm getting kind of worried as no signs of any buds forming. Weather gets cold here by mid late October. Should I let it go and trust the buds will eventually come or should I start considering forced 12h darkness for a few days to force budding?

    Btw not a dealer or anything so not concerned about optimizing absolute top yield, just don't want to fuck it up haha! If anyone in this climate has experience, please help. I figure the silver haze will take longer than others, but want to see at least signs of budding to ease my concerns.

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  2. Don't know much about the weather in your part of the world, but if the winter in mid October is very cold and not suitable for growing, I would start making it flower right now. Once it starts flowering you need it to flower for atleast 40-50 days to get decent buds.

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  3. Ok. So the next question I have is how to make it flower. I've read this 12–12 situation. In my case, I could move the pots inside in a dark closet for 12 hours or more at a time . How long do I need to do this, and once buds start forming can I put them back outside or do I need to continue to do this for many weeks at a time until finish (not realistic!)
  4. I am growing a photo right now. What I am doing is giving it sunlight in the day and as the sun starts setting, I move it indoors where I have hooked up a couple of CFL s and led. So I am giving it 24 hours of light with no dark. When I want it to flower, I will just stop moving into the indoors and that should work

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  5. I actually think I see the first signs of flowering now. I'm trying to grow a haze so it will take about 10 or 11 more weeks typically for flowering I've read. At this point, I'll just leave it outside and let the process continue until it gets too cold.

    I was confused about this 12 hour darkness schedule because I didn't know if it had to be 100% pitch black at night or if the early morning light or evening dusk plays a role even though it's not direct sunlight. Any comments on that?
  6. The 12/12 concept often confuses new growers. Outdoor plants don't specifically need 12 hours of darkness to enter flower. Check out the latitude longitude sticky thread in the outdoor forum

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