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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. well, lastnight was the hatebreed show that i've been waiting for for almost a month now. by the time we got there the first band was almost done, then the second band started and the pit was already beginning to show signs of an insane night.

    sworn enemy played 4th... i'm standing where the pit's going to be and then it opens up... 'cept there's a problem, it never really 'opened up' instead it stayed small, and crowded... so we've got all these people trying to dance in too small a space... so instead of it being a pit, it's a beat down... that i'm stuck in the middle of. it was great.

    then during shai hulud (the next band to play) a mountain punched me in the head. this guy was HUGE. like 6'4" like 250lbs+ and running straight at me. i tried to move but all the wimps flocked to the pit edge so they could watch instead of dance... making it damn near impossible to get through them... so i got a fist to the forehead.

    everyone was getting all pissed off at biohazard. they actually had the balls to come to philly and then say "and you guys call yourselves hardcore" after i picked my eyes and jaw up off the floor and put them back in their rightful places, i was all like "wtf!? that guys in the hardcore capitol of the world and he's gonna say THAT!?"

    so yeah... overall it was a great show. it ranks in as the third most violent show i've been to (pit wise). first being The End, A Life Once Lost, and Lamb of God, and the second being Zao, Sworn Enemy, and Shai Hulud.
  2. thats hard core, ... i went to bed at 8pm last night... i ran out of bud early in the day and i was bored as fuck.
  3. boo to violence.

    call me a hippy pasaphyst if u will, but wouldn't it have been better if u were all sitting crosslegged on beanbags passing bongs and spliffs around, listening to boards of canada, jethro tull, yes, autechre & pink floyd?

  4. i'm usually not one for violence, and don't get me wrong... i'm all about the chillin and passin a fatty while jamming out to some good tunes... but i have a very broad musical spectrum, and hardcore happens to fall into that. the dancing is insane, it's fun, and it gives ya a chance to take out some aggression. it's one of the few places you can have everyone's feet and hands flying in every direction... and rarely have tempors flare.

    usually people in a hardcore pit don't make contact with other's in the pit; but because the show was just a few tickets short of being sold out, no one had any room. if by any chance, you do hit someone in the pit kinda hard (usually it's unintentional) ya tell 'em you're sorry, and you'll usually get a response like "no problem, it happens"

    gotta love the pit courtesy :D

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