Lasting too long sometimes?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by K1NG, May 26, 2009.

  1. Sometimes I last too long and end up having sex for like an hour. My girlfriend can't even walk after it and she thinks I am actually damaging her. I can cum quicker (Like 15-20 minutes) if I really try, but usually I hold it in for as long as I can.

    Can she actually be hurt by this? She said her vagina hurts because of it, and like I said she can't walk, which I take as a compliment. :hello:. She said she loves it, and she loves cumming multiple times but she hates that it hurts. She is reeeeeallly small, and I am 6'3, 240lbs. Can she actually hurt her vagina?
  2. if there's insufficient lubrication and/or you're going at it a bit too hard I can see the potential for some discomfort on her part. The only thing I've noticed when going at it for a really long time is that sometimes women will stop producing enough lubricantion for everything to go smoothly. That is when a bottle of lube comes in handy
  3. If she loves it, I see no problem :confused: As long as it doesn't hurt during or after, there's nothing wrong with a little rough sex.

    All I know is that I didn't know when I was younger that you aren't supposed to have sex 24 hours before your gyno appointment, and this is maybe why, she asked me while knuckles deep, "You like sex rough??" Weird..

    So I'm thinking it is possible to hurt yourself when fucking, but her body will tell her when enough is enough-- too much pain isn't a good sign, but there's nothing wrong with a little rough love. Find a median and meet :)

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