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Lasting longer when high

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by MacGyverGirl, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. I just did a small bit of toking and then did this video. For the first time ever, I finished the video.

    [ame=]Drive By Inner Thighs Challenge - YouTube[/ame]

    Do you think that being a bit buzzed helped?
  2. Marijuana helps to oxygenate the blood making your body able to perform better!
  3. Thought this was about dudes lasting longer in
  4. I worked out back and biceps yesterday baked and yes it helped.
    I felt invincible did all my workouts and 3x3 min skipping (boxing)
    than ate a huge healthy and nutritious meal due to my munchies and passed out at 8 pm and woke up at 7 am.

    Other than my aching back i felt great.
  5. I love just breaking down my body while being high. I went out and bought a 20 lb. weight vest and i just combine that with a 10 lb. medicine ball for my ab workouts and then use the vest while doing push ups, increases the tolerance alot, i can do 30-40 before stopping with minimal effort but that vest puts me at about 15 when i do them a little slower.
  6. working out when high is the shit, i pretty much always vape on the way to the gym when i lift. I find it allows you to focus more and be more in tune with yourself, it also allows me to push through and get that extra rep or two. It dialates the blood vessels in your lungs aswell, i feel like i get my pump on better and look way more vascular when i burn.
  7. definedlyyy I workout high just about every single day and I feel like I go harder don't care about the pain I feel stretch better zone into the music and also even come up with new additions to my workout with adding range of motion of the excersize or a diff grip or what ev it may be as long as you can start before you get couch locked id say try it out and also I don't mind healthy food as much after a workout and the munchies come by ;)

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