Last year's 2018 outdoor coco grow

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by TravelTrailerGrower, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. This was my first time growing with coco. Getting ready to start this year's outdoor grow, and doing all of them coco this year. I figured I'd upload these pics so I can start fresh this year. I'll try to go through and label them later. I mostly had Franks Gift, Wonder Dawg, and 9lb Hammer going in coco. The smaller plants in the pics where in dirt, the way I usually grow. 20180905_191338_HDR.jpg 20181002_153712.jpg 20180905_191501_Pano.jpg 20181002_153810.jpg 20180920_185445.jpg 20180920_185821.jpg 20180912_192851.jpg Snapshot%402018_0827_205309.jpg 20180812_191837.jpg 20180723_200415.jpg 20180612_170552.jpg 20180522_181856.jpg 20180715_193103.jpg 20180930_084844.jpg 20181020_115616_HDR.jpg 20180927_161110_HDR.jpg

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  2. Looks great man

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