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  1. Hi guys I thought I was having problems with one of my plants which is an afghan skunk some leaves are starting to yellow as you can see there are some purple stems on the upper portion. this is my first grow the one with the problem is in ffof which I don't use anymore now to coco I love it! Feedback is greatly appreciated I am deaf so It's hard to phone my friends so I thought I'd ask! thanks!

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  2. Another pix

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  3. Can't figure out to put em all up!! U!

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    Those 4x ( Red dragon, Jack H (2) and afghan skunk are my most mature in flowering tent under 1000hps (400 and 600w) also with my others which are- Skywalker OG, Purple Haze, Strawberry cough, Original sour diesel and Cotton Candy which are in coco unlike the other 4 which are in fox farms I dread that stuff now....
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    hey man, i am by no means a professional grower but i've read AskEds coco guide through and through, and it seems you are running into a magnesium deficiency.  the leaves will yellow but the leaf veins will remain greener and the leaf stems will begin to turn purple. using epsom salt treat for a minor magnesium deficiency with about 1tsp per gallon of water when you feed next. i hope this helps man, plants look great....i don't know what nutrients you are using, so i could be wrong, but from the pics thats what i'd check first. *edit... sorry, the problem plants are in the fox farms stuff? my answer may be off.
  6. Thanks man! That is what I was looking at! I've added cal mag today but it is said that if there's too much cal it will lock up mag or something like that? It also says that yellowing towards the end is normal... I dunno.... Sigh
  7. yep no problem, i'm trying to grow in coco coir also...yea cal/mag plus is very good i got some also, but if you want to treat only a magnesium deficiency then lil bit of epsom salt is the way to go. i have also read the lower leaves will turn yellow and die as they are used as food for the flowers. keep up the good work budcrazy0

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