Last Week of Flower! (Rate My Trichs)

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    At the suggestion of a fellow member, I invested in a cheap USB microscope to check out my trichs in the last week of Flower.

    These girls (all three) are True OG, from Canuk. They suggest 63 days of Flower. Today is Day 61.

    Thu Aug 08 06-45-44.jpg Thu Aug 08 06-47-24.jpg Thu Aug 08 06-48-10.jpg Thu Aug 08 06-49-25.jpg Thu Aug 08 06-50-16.jpg Thu Aug 08 06-52-24.jpg Thu Aug 08 06-53-00.jpg

    So, how am I lookin? Last feed was about 3 days ago. I'm guessing about another 7 days till harvest, with a healthy dose of plain, PH'd water every day to runoff. Thoughts?

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  2. Looks good
    At least a week I’d say
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  3. Ya done good!
    I’d be hoping for a few more amber trichomes...
    A week sounds right;
    You’re there!
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  4. <-- likes more Amber. A whole lot more. Harvested now it would be to jittery for me. To much THC and not enough CBD to take the edge off.
    I wait until the amber looks like graffiti on a wall with big streaks of it in a field of all cloudy and little to no clear heads.
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  5. What microscope is that?
  6. Got any whole pics of the plant. Still a lot of clear trics
  7. Got this one from 8 days ago. This is the largest of three.
  8. I'm on the "one week" train
  9. I cant see the hps pic well. Better pic w/o the hps on?

    The other pic looks very close and something to be proud of. Awesome .

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