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last time here

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cs_shoota, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. sorry guys, i just cant take it anymore... my life really does suck... i do wish i was not here.... and i also have a confession, im only ... yep... guess im out no matter what, might not be here for when my 18th b day rolls around either... im crying harder than i have ever cried before... well good bye, have good lives
  2. btw, i just wanted to thank all the people who have been here for me, you guys are like family, but i just cant do this anymore.... be someone thats not me..... sorry
  3. check your pms buddy!
  4. CS age is not everything.. I edited your post, but you are a respected poster here...

    I don't know what you are going through... But given time you mind can change from don't want to be around to all you want is to be around...

    Talk to these guys a gals and let them help you.
  5. thanks guys, your helping a lot... i just feel like shit, never worse... ive had 4 pannic attacks in the past 30 minutes... been crying that long... and feel like giving up... i just want to kill my dad, he really doesnt deserve to live... but thats just stupid, im not going to have a shitty life in jail... id rather have a shitty life right where i am
  6. I know nothin', only that you call
    I wanna be there if it can help.

    U'll let me know right?
  7. the boat in which you float is one alot of people go through.
    no one is void from depression, one time or another its going to creep up on you. I dont care if your bill gates, there is still SOMETHING wrong in your life, bad enough to brood over. That brooding turns into depression, and sucks the life from you. Simply put, dont let it happen. Being a the pot-activisit-type that I am, when im depressed I turn to weed, I refuse to believe that it can make me depressed, and like it or not, if you refuse to believe something that is mental, such as depression, then it does NOT exist. Its all in the mind my friend. Refuse to let depression fuck with you.

    And as BH says...m8 age is a number, nothing more. I for one am probably younger than most would think.
    If you can come on these boards, and achieve the facade of being over the age of 18, then you damn well deserve to be here.
    and you m8, damn well deserve to be here.
  8. Shoota, please don't go anywhere, man! Let us be here for you. You said we're like're right, we have that cool stoner family thing going on and we help out our fellow Blades when they need us. :)

    So, don't take off..stay here with us! OK?

    I'm going to send some cherrful ~vibes~ your way. I hope you get them. :)
  9. Damn man Ill talk with you on aim man and dont do any thing you will regret.
  10. Cs please do us all a favor and stick around. We all enjoy your presence here @ the cItY. I already have to deal with this horrible situation with someone i used to know back home. Used to know as of less than a week ago...
  11. sorry guys, i dont know when im going to be able to post really again...
    1. im crying so hard i cant see..
    2. i have no emotion right now.. cant think to respond..
    3. whenever i get halfway through reading a thread.. i either cry more.. or i have a pannic attack.. i dont really know whats goin on but thanks a lot for being there, im not going to do anything stupid, i will be back soon
  12. once back, we will be there.
  13. Damn I get deppressed sometimes, but I just think about what I do have in life and try not think about the bad things only good. But since your one of my favorites I'am going to send you some Tasty Karma!!!
  14. "whenever i get halfway through reading a thread.. i either cry more.. or i have a pannic attack.. "

    ?? calm the fuck down? what's so wrong?
  15. "whats wrong"

    thats what im trying to find out, i gotta do some soul searching.. or some shit like that... im a little bit better now... but i got a lot goin on inside...

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