Last thing you smoked...?

Discussion in 'General' started by HyLyfe, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Average quality skunk. Smells up my entire room. But seems like it was handled one too many times smokes like good middies.
  2. Some very well grown and perfectly cured Blue Dream.
  3. Blue Diesel. I only had two bowls but I was surprised at how long lasting it was. Very nice high. 
  4. A cigarette 
    I'm real sorry u guiyz :( 
  5. Sour Diesel a couple of hours ago. Still feeling fine. 😎
  6. ☆ lemon alien dog genetically crossed with Hawaiian skunk
  7. Picked up a q, not sure what kind. The nugs are pretty dense and when you grind it up it smells like heaven

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  8. Man yall got that kryptochronucopia. I need to get on yalls level! LOL!!!
  9. Some afgoo a few hours ago, about to pack another bowl now  :smoke:
  10. Haven't smoked bud for about two weeks. Last saturday I noticed a little bit of leaf lying around in my stash, visited a buddy and decided to smoke that shit just to get rid of it. Dunno how it's possible but I got visibly baked. 
    Can't wait to score some flower!  :yummy:
  11. Some sour D with a bit of cigarette in a bong.
  12. I'm pretty jealous actually. I really miss cigarettes.

    I just had some shatter I legally bought. I'm on vacation in a weed legal state!
  13. A roach of Cannabis Sativa, which was filled with cannabis that was properly cured.

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  14. Just now smoked a gram bliZzunt. Smoked one just like it about a hour ago.
  15. More substandard northern lights from Finland. I'm not sure whether people here just don't know how to grow or if they just don't care

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    It's probably 50-50 between laziness/stupidity and wanting to make a quick profit. 
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    I've had great bud here a couple of times. Once when I first got here and then that stuff you brought from down south. I'm thinking that since this city has a lot of kids, it's just some youngins throwing some seeds into a pot and hoping for the best, and, as you said, trying to make a quick buck

    And the ones that actually do know how to grow don't really seem to want to share. Ahh well

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    The stuff I brought was actually from the guy we've talked about, so I have a feeling you'll be running into some more of that quality.  ;)
    You're probably right about the kids. I've also noticed that these botched-up-quick-buck-harvests are somewhat native to those dabbling a little too much with unmentionables. 

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