Last Thing You Philosophized About Stoned

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by anonymous911, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Just wondering :hello:

    Mine was: So you can write "should've" (should have) and you can write "shouldn't" (should not), but can you write "shouldn't've" (should not have)?
  2. yes you can. its in my T9.

    which is basically my dictionary
  3. I use shouldn't've/couldn't've/wouldn't've all the time. I don't know if they're legit, though.
  4. lol i usually philosophize about religion....
    i always somehow come up with a new religion, or belief/god
    its rather interesting...

    shouldn't've should be a word, i say it all the time....
  5. I ALWAYS philosophize about how each person has a story and their own relationship with other people. If you think about it, it's crazy how large the world is
  6. if you really think about it it's crazy how small the world is.
  7. Ok last time I was high I couldnt stop thinking about this idea, well many of u might know this but when you view stars that are very far away from you are actually looking at them thousands or even millions of years into the past because of how long it takes for the light from that star to reach your eyes, so if you were to travel to one of those stars and look back at earth you would be seeing it millions of years into the past, like looking at earth in the Jurassic period, how crazy is that. :eek:
  8. hah i convinced myself and 2 people i was with that weed is the fountain of youth.

    i was sitting there and i was like, think about it when your high you can laugh at shit thats not even that funny for so long, when else can you do that? when your a little kid. it makes little kid foods like fruit roll ups and shit taste awesome, you enjoy spongebob when your high, simple things become difficult hahahah idk there was more things.

    it doesnt make you younger physically, but mentally it can.

    idk man i was so high when i came up with that shit.
  9. My last one was why it was so hard to eat a extremely hot burrito and play football at the same time (which I was doing at the time). Needless to say, I didn't do very good in that game. :[
  10. I can never remember them but they're always so good! I know one today though. I saw some kids walking from an unsafe smoke spot that we used to go to on our way to one of our safer ones.. And I went on this long rant about how as stoners, all of our lives will have to constantly be one step ahead of everyone else so we don't get caught. When one spot becomes hot and people move into it, we have to continue to migrate, but we have to migrate before it becomes hot and people move into it...
  11. today we smoked up for the first out of two times and my friend asks me about my girl situations. I go to tell the truth, I don't really care about pussy, I care about the girl I'm with because a relationship built upon just pussy and sex is like just a relationship. I girl you like and can stand to be with just because you like how they think and not just how fast it takes till they give you a blowjob is the girl you'll probably end up marring.
  12. last thing i can actually remember is questioning my deepest thoughts and preferences. then figured out why i do that, linked it to child hood experiences, and figured out the solution to the problem. reading it the next day,got REALLY emberassed cause it was really revieling. fuck i love this herb.
  13. How every day is just like the cycle of life, from birth to death played through much quicker. At first you don't want to be bothered, go back where you came from, etc. Then, some time toward the middle, Most important things happen, desicion making, whatever. And in the end, you're just tired, want to relax, get some rest and do it again.
  14. time travel. hell yeah mother fuckers, i figured it out, but forgot soon after

  15. You dont have any friends with their own crib? Never a hot spot...just chillen inside or outback smokin.

  16. That is an awesome thought I'm adding rep you made me fucking think how it is like the world is a Chronological Book that is made up of trillions of chapters...
  17. one night i was questioning why people think life is so short and how time is so precious, and it got me thinking...

    when your young you have no concept of time, its just eat sleep and play. then you enter school and thats when you start little by little losing time.

    your life has no time constraints, its just the warm season or cold season, then your life is school year, summer. soon your life is divided further into semesters and breaks. workweek, workday and weekends. hours and minutes.

    in the end you go from simple passing of seasons to juggling the time of school year, work weeks in that year, work days in a work week,work day work breaks, when you get breaks from school, when you have free hours for anything, to counting the minutes before you begin your obligations to which you count the seconds before your hours of freedom begin again.

    its also known as responsibility. amirite!?
  18. kinda similiar to the one above me...

    how our lives are kind of preset, the way we're born, then go to the different levels of school, get a job, work the job, then pass away. But if you wanted to change these "directions" if you will, it would be looked down upon in our society.

    think about it
  19. Last one I can remember was me thinking of how small and insignificant we are. Our planet is just one small rock in our system. Our system is part of a galaxy. Our galaxy is part of a constellation. Our sun may just be a part of another world's zodiac.

    I also put it in stoner terms. Imagine a field of pot plants. Millions of them. Now, take one. The plant has leaves, stems, buds, etc. On them are trichomes. Now, what if our world was just a small spec in that trichome? Our multi-verse is just one little piece of THC on a plant in a giant forest of weed.

    I also like to think about parallel universes.
  20. I always wonder... I mean I'm all pro natural psychoactives and so forth.

    But when we're tripping... I mean are we tripping? Or are the experiences, spiritual growth, views on the world, are they all real? Or are we tripping?

    I always go through great knowledge searching quests and so forth, but always cast a shard of doubt within those thoughts because I wonder if I am indeed. Tripping.

    Then I sober up and am thrown back into the world of schizophrenia.

    What a life. ;)

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