Last thing you googled

Discussion in 'General' started by Hawk Nasty, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. I think it was "Right Said Fred" 
    For, uh... personal reasons.   :laughing:  :laughing:

  2. "How come i cum so much when i spooge?"- what's good, nyugga? what's REALLY good?!
  3. Nancy Lieder.  

    A friend is entirely convinced she speaks with aliens and that some sort of space contact is going to change the world? 

    I don't know.. I read a bit about her and the conclusion I draw is that she's a bit of a nutter. 
  4. How to be fresher tru the day

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    Do you ever listen to Coast to Coast AM? One lady on one time was telling this detailed story... then said she "had an alien baby" lost all credibility.. lol
  6. Do I need to shovel my driveway?Sent from my RM-845_nam_vzw_100 using Tapatalk
  7. Heterochromia in dogs
  8. I've listened a couple of times and every time it's the same thing.. I'm interested and the information all sounds good then it's like BAM. Crackpot.

    I don't listen very often though. 
  9. "What motor skills does a three month old baby have?"... For my psychology class haha
  10. \tDnepropetrovsk maniacs 
    Pandora's Box  :eek:
  11. RooR black label Who Dat!
  12. DJ Isaac Discogs.
    That's video's fucked up.
    For those who don't know, this is also known as 3 guys 1 hammer.
  14. Ha, tinypic. My choice for image posting on forums
  15. why is my laptop not picking up wifi
    pretty f'in exciting huh
  16. i rarely use google
  18. can a goat get high on marijuana?
  19. How to clone 🍁 😙💨🍃🍂

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