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Last Smoke for awhile- what to smoke...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dr.Grinspoon, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Soooooo, for one reason or another I've decided to take a break from the great ganja. Mostly just to change things up, go back to sobriety for awhile.

    just so you have an idea, 4 days is the biggest break I've had in 3 years, aside from a 3 week school trip to europe one summer.

    Annnnyway, Im living in the mountains,my roommate is out of town, im by myself here, and i usually like a second opinion, or a fifteenth opinion,so what should i leave off on? ive got a gram left of some killer jack

    Tools available.
    multiple bowls
    2 bubblers
    Blunt wrap
    wired papers
    vapor brothers vape
    a few chillums/one hitters

    cant decide if i wanna pace it out with bowls, roll a couple spliffs, or just take a blunt to the face.

  2. 1. Get purple weed
    2. Smoke 5 blunts
    3. ??????????
    4. Profit
  3. Bubbler. If you really wanna make the most of it take the hitter.
  4. Blunt it up. That way it will all be gone after 10 minutes and you can start your t-break instead of packing a bowl then maybe saving some and starting your break later, etc. Delaying t-breaks usually leads to them never happening.
  5. It's a pretty tough decision between a blunt or bubbler bowls. If it's really really dank I would say bubbler and just make the most out of it if I were you though.
  6. A blunt. One big blunt.
  7. i vote blunt too.

    but why did this get moved to apprentice tokers out of all places? :confused:
  8. +1 more for the blunt.

  9. ^ LMFAO, at first I was like wtf, then the gnome voice popped in my head and this all made sense. Made my day.

    I with 6th the b..... roll the Yao-Ming brah :hello:
  10. i got like 1g left too and iunno if i wanna save it with bowls till i get off work tonight, or just roll up a big ass blunt now :(

    i just smoked a blunt of some og so yea
  11. word, thanks for the suggestions.

    for those who still care, i went for the blunt.

    quite satisfied.

    time to oooooccccccuuuuupppyyyy my time.

  12. sorry for dub post, but yeah, i was wondering about this too. oh well. got more responses than i expected, so it works out for the better, right?
  13. i say smoke it any damn way you want
  14. a guy like me would pack the zong and rip the vape then listen to some good old dead:smoking:
  15. i like what the guy above me said. but yea i would just do a nice zong sesh, smoke it all. so you dont delay the t-break. haha better now than later

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