Last post game anyone?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Macka Splaff, Aug 22, 2008.

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  1. this thread is dead
  2. No one's got any game 'cause I'm winnin now.
  3. Say whaaaaa!
  4. Winner....?!
  5. win time at the last place on earth
    free lodging
    free heat and ac
    free me
    free dildos for the ladies
    free flying clowns on crack during an air raid led by top guns tom the crush mail man knocks twice ET run forrest run, back to saturday nite live or let live
    till death
    does u in
    bur then
    it can happen again
    and agian
    with only 1 man to see
    because he has his eyes open u and me
    no can be
    the sea
    is my love in the way that
    make me horny
    so horny
    oh i like this thread
    i can
    let all ten
    in me talk at once
    then read it
    do I win
    no i do
    me 2
    4 u
    2 whataaa
    wowowowowowowowowowoowowowowowowowowow ho:hello:

    some1 call my shrink
    iv blown a fuse i think
    my mind is realing
    my loins are feeling
    the touch of my hand
    oh time to go
  6. :poke:


  7. :confused:
    You actually tried to make sence of that???:eek:

    And i thought i was nutz...:wave:
  8. Giant panda guerrilla dub squad
  9. yay im winning!
  10. It is important to remember that, if, someone wishes to post in this thread to do so in an articulate and intelligent manner. Simply posting nonsense is against the forum rules. So, please, try to post something somewhat intelligent before posting in this thread. Thanks! :)
  11. hu?

    shazzam was a real early super hero
    also was used by gomer pile
    also was shaq? or someone in a movie

    can u tell me what the point of this thread is?

    do I win?:smoking:

    I'm hi so I dont know if ur post was serious or in the spririt of this thread, so pleace explain. no sarcasm, just curious.:confused:
  12. Shazzam is a what now?

    There is no real point to this thread that I can discern. My post was serious, however, although, as long as people keep the basic precepts in mind, they should be able to post freely without chagrin
  13. no i am.
  14. Lol Liquidtruth....How old R U ? Back in the 70s tere saw a tv show that had a super hero that said ": SHAZAAM" and lightening would hit him and change him into a super hero........

    then when gomer pile came along....usmc....a spin off from andy griffins mayberry....used the term "Shazam" as an exclimation as we would the word "shhhhit" or " phat".

    I know there is one more lg trivia Q when< (i wanna say shaq for some reason) made a movie in the late 90s w/some references to shazamm....who knows...iv been stoned since the late 70s,

    thanx for the honest reply.....i will say though ur last post had me rolling....:wave:


    :pdo i win?

    I guess whichever mod closes thisz thread actuallt wins, but what? asshole of the month?? just asking.....:eek:
  15. i win
  16. i think i won
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